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Hi there,


I am going to be shooting a music video using ultra violet lighting as well as standard strobe lighting.

I wanted to know if anyone has used certain uv lights before or is there a way to shooting using tungsten lights with something like the Congo blue gel.

This gel takes out a lot of light so i was wondering how i could match a 2 or 4k using this gel.

Also is it easy to mix the to types of lights or are there any major problems I could run into?


Examples of other work attempting this would be grab too.





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Congo Blue gel can be used as a "fake UV blacklight" super-blue look for close-ups but you won't get any true UV effect, you have to use UV lamps for that. The Congo Blue does cut out a lot of light, but on the other hand, you'd probably want to underexpose the faces to keep that deep blue look.

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