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Yellow Based Color from Practicals

Gregory Brown

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I was wondering how you can achieve this more yellow tone lighting through practicals and or through studio lights such as tungstens/HMIs/LEDs/ect which removes the orange.


Camera Color Temperture setting would be helpful as well.


Here is a example of what I saw in Upstream Color







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You're basically talking about taking a warm color cast -- i.e. orange -- and shifting the hue. Warm light can either have a red-magenta bias or a yellow-green bias to the orange, so in your case, you are talking about shifting magenta to green to get yellow instead of orange.


The trick is that broadcast video does not have a great shade of yellow, so you have to ride the borderline with green, as you can tell in your examples. Lowering the saturation as well will take some of the curse off of it.


So if this were on an ARRI Alexa, for example, you could pick a slightly higher color temp setting than the lighting to get warmth - for example, select 3400K instead of 3200K in 3200K lighting -- and then add a slight shift towards green.

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