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Live Sports Camera Set Up

Joe Perri

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Over the past 8 years, I have worked as either a camera operator or utility on various Film/Reality TV and event productions. Soon I may make a push to get my feet wet in sports production.


I have set up a lot of camera systems, but I never had to set up a camera with the big “box” lens (such as a Canon DigiSuper 100) as seen in the photo, nor have I set up the housing the camera body sits in. If I work as a utility on one of these broadcasts, I am more than likely going to have to build some of these guys. I’m sure from prior experience I can figure out some things, but I want to be as knowledgeable as possible going into the gig.


So my question is… Is there any books/manuals/resources or rental houses that can show me how to properly unpack, assemble and break down this set up? Or anything else I should know about these powerful lenses. And better yet, if any of you have had experience with these setups, I would love to hear your input.


Thank you so much.



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