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  1. Hi Joe, Don't know if you got any PMs about this post, but I can send you info about setup if needed, as I have worked with these beasts for many years. Claus.
  2. Here's another production shot from "GP" showing the lovely little '65'. Note the rangefinder. C.
  3. John, Nice to hear from one of the original participants. I suddenly remembered from the extras on the Blu-Ray of "Grand Prix" that they did indeed use a Ford GT as the main chase car, and here is a snapshot off the screen. It looks like the same set-up (different lens and mag) and the same car... It still doesn't solve the mini-mystery for me about how this camera, which looks like the 65HR, was used on this film two years before Panavision's web site says it was released. Would a director really take on "beta-testing" of a rig under such conditions or am I mis-identifying the camera? Claus.
  4. Well, "Le Mans" (1971) is credited as having been shot in 35mm Panavision, but the camera in the pic looks like the Panavision 65HR, a handheld 65mm camera. The whole rig resembles what was used in "Grand Prix" (1966) except Panavision indicates the 65HR wasn't introduced until 1968...the cams in "GP" sure look like this one, though (you can see the operators walk through several crowd scenes) :huh:
  5. One I highly enjoy is Garrett Brown's commentary on the Blu-Ray of "The Shining." A fine combination of technical and esthetic points involving the SteadiCam, along with anecdotes about the shoot, all told well and with a quiet sense of humor.
  6. Given both the concrete and historical/symbolic importance of Kodak on film, I'd say this is not just another company seeking protection. This is the one that could be the nail in the coffin for so much smaller film-making if they suddenly start shutting down S-8, 16mm and so on. God, this is bitter. Call me a sentimental fool, but this affects me.
  7. Will, My first thoughts, after the amazement, was: are we sure this is not 16....?
  8. That does look outstanding. Even in 720 the compression is quite ugly, though, so yes, only a 1080 upload could give one a better idea of the ultimate quality of the footage. But it certainly is stable and sharp with lovely color.
  9. I would include Werner Herzog's films as well. "The White Diamond" is stunning as is "Encounters at the End of the World" to take two examples.
  10. Dear god, I wish they would strip that down for Super-8 use..... :) Claus.
  11. Another option for transfer on the east coast (Northern Virginia) is Tom Houston at Filmmaker8: info@filmmaker8.com He uses a Workstation setup and has done excellent work for me in 1080 at very reasonable prices. The image is a frame blow-up from a Standard-8 reel from about 1962. Claus.
  12. Since the Nizo 6080 got brought up, just a caution: The main drive belt in it (and its smaller siblings) is a small rubber belt that, if and when it goes, is hell to try and replace. I lost my last Nizo sound camera that way. Also, the 6080 was the last big sound camera made by Nizo when their finances were going under, so there are dark stories about poor quality control and such. As a model it is a lovely camera, it's just a pity it came out just before "the fall." That said, I have now had three Nizos since the 70es and I have always enjoyed their line, so one recommendation to add: The Braun Nizo Professional, my current camera. Nice and heavy, killer lens (one of the best made for Super-8) superb ergonomics and a unique automatic long-term exposure mode where you can set it up to catch the dawn in time-lapse, for instance. It runs at 25fps instead of 24, and if indeed it is right on-speed, it has made absolutely no difference to me when viewing it on a projector or in a transfer. It is not as quiet as a sound camera and the ASA only goes to 160. I have shot Kodak Vision 250 with it indoors with great results. Claus.
  13. Brian, You need to check your link; it wasn't working (at least not on my WinXP machine.) Claus.
  14. Would you recommend ziplocks as well for Super-8 cartridges in the fridge, sealed in their pouches, or are they fine as they are (pouch plus box)? I am talking 100ASA B/W reversal and 100ASA color reversal. Claus.
  15. Carl, Beautiful post; your last paragraph is one that should be cut/pasted by many who don't "get it." Claus.
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