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Which Series? What Year? Help please.

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Hello All,


I'm an infrequent poster on this forum, but I was hoping one of you could help me with this lens. I'm not really sure if this is a Series I or a Series II or something in-between or the year of manufacture .


The serial number doesn't match the serial numbers of the Series I lenses, or have I got that wrong for a start. Seems to have a similar serial number to the Double Speeds. The glass seems uncoated.


I'd like to know if this covers the 35mm frame or just 16mm. It was part of a set of lenses that were used with an Arriflex 16SB, along with a Series III 18mm, that I think covers the full 35mm frame.


Just a few scratches on the paint of the barrel from years of light use. The lens is in really nice condition and is pretty smooth as far as the focus and apperture go. Thanks all. Picture below.


Paul Re Cotsen


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As far as I'm aware Cooke didn't make a series 2 Speed Panchro in a 35mm focal length, and series 2 lenses were always engraved as such, so it's likely a series 1 from around the 40s.


It should cover 35mm, although series 1 lenses had less coverage than later series. Cooke's 16mm lenses were branded Kinetals.


You can always check the image circle of a lens fairly simply by pointing it at a bright, textured subject - like a louvred window - and holding a piece of paper behind the lens to form an image.

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