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Osram UV-Stop HMI Bulbs?

Mark Kenfield

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Hi guys,


I saw the press release for these a while back, back haven't really heard anything more since.


These new Osram UV Stop ("UVS") HMI bulbs apparently eliminate 99.9% of UV radiation at the bulb itself. That's a pretty big deal, as it should allow us to remove the UV-protection glass from existing HMI heads, increasing total light output and decreasing the weight of the fixtures.


Has anyone tried them yet? Can anyone offer up any thoughts?

I'm pretty keen to try pairing their 1800w version with an M18, and seeing what I gain (lumen-wise) by running the UV protected bulbs, and removing the UV protective glass.


Is this workable? Or will the sensors in the HMI simply not allow the unit to turn on if they detect that the UV glass isn't in place?




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Without the glass the safety switch will not allow the head to be struck. I really doubt appreciable lumens are being lost to the glass. Wether the filtration occurs in the quartz envelope of the globe or protective glass of the head, the light loss of that part of the spectrum remains the same.


Guy Holt, Gaffer

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Thanks guys, I figured as much :/ damned safety buzzkills. Talent are always complaining about the cameras and lenses being too sharp these days - but try and simply melt their faces down a little with radiation to soften the appearance of their skin and everyone gets up in arms about it...

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What's cool is that they have a 1800w HMI globe that is tungsten. Its imbedded into the glass of the globe!

Could you share a link to that Michael? That would be a super-helpful bulb to have, but I can't find anything about it on google.

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