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Cine Tape tips

davide sorasio

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Hi David,


Cinetapes are great tools but you cant always rely on them. For starters rig it off a Noga arm and have it sitting just above the mattbox. Be aware you can get false reading from things like door frames, other actors in shot etc. so alway make sure you still get you measurements with a measuring tape and then you will know what numbers to ignore. they take a while to get use to but once you understand what to look for and how to use it proaply they are awesome!

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I've only used a cine tape a few times but found that, as mentioned by david, if you don't have a pretty good mental idea of distances then a bad reading can throw you off pretty quick.


I swear one time the brim of the subjects hat would throw measurements out by 4 or so inches when he moved his head up and down, that's how accurate it was. It would be easy to freak out, adjust for the change then buzz his face when the cine tape flicks back to that.

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