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  1. Depends if "middle of the jungle" means a treacherous 12 hour approach, or if you can drive to your base camp. You can't fly with a large Li-On power pack like a goal zero, so you'd have to organise one on the asian end. Also depends on your power needs. If you're running a camera that takes LPE6's batteries vs bigger Dionics etc. You could probably get away with a solar unit that you charge from from overnight, then let it charge during the day. I use a Goal Zero Yeti 1400, which could easily power a laptop and charge dozens of camera batteries for about 10 hours straight then recharge itself from it's solar panels in about 8-10 hours. However, be caution that batteries with inbuilt software (or whatever it is) sometimes don't like being charged off them.
  2. I was a little lost on the premise, but overall I dug it. Can't give you any "expert" feedback but from a normal viewers eye it looked good!
  3. My wife has gone full Marie Kondo on our apartment and now I have to clear out some gear I don't really use. Items all located in Portland, Oregon and inspection/local pickup is welcome if you're not a creep. I'm flexible on prices. Will only ship within US and Australia (I travel frequently between the two, so postage is easy) Arriflex 35iii Camera w/ CE base, 2 400' mags and other accessories USD$ 2200 https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/192857615889 Canon 8-64mm Zoom Lens (PL Mount) w/ Clamp on matte box USD$ 3200 https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/192857709429 Nikon/Duclos 80-200mm Zoom Lens (PL Mount) USD$ 1230 https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/192857665064 More to come.
  4. I've got two Arri 650's for you, will that cover it? Shoot me a message if you want to give me some details.
  5. Hey mate, If you need any help in Portland just let me know. I'm good at humping gear and finding ways to make things happen.
  6. Jon, if you keep your eyes peeled - the 80-200 Nikkor with a PL-mount and some cine-style mods (done by Duclos) pops up from time to time on eBay for <$1500. https://thecinelens.com/2011/10/09/duclos-pl-80-200mm-f2-8-rental/ I found it to be a decent enough lens, I'm sure the shorter focal lengths are pretty good too.
  7. I have the 300d and it's pretty useful. Ive used it for digital movie as well as 35mm still photography and it comes up pretty good. On the really sunny days it won't add anything to an external shot but its still powerful enough to punch through a window and light a room up convincingly. As far as portable power goes, I didn't want to buy a bunch of huge v-mounts, (already dedicated to gold) so bought a Goal Zero Yeti 1400 secondhand which runs it for about 6 hours at 95%. For some reason, there's a surge in its power consumption from 90% - 100% without a huge increase in brightness so if you want max battery life, run it at 95%
  8. I'm an industrial gypsy so spend a lot of time in Airports and what you have there is an easy sell. Dimensions wise, it's very much like a brighter Lihue Airport in Kauai, Hawaii. Your set dresser could easily make up a 'display' that covers the AV equipment. Think big maps / posters of the 'location' of the airport. Time tables, advertisements.
  9. Lol. I think maybe the algorithm pegged me as a fan because I kept leaving comments (mostly negative). Literally the trailers are 95% 'wow look at this CGI world we've created', and the remainder doesn't even cover anything to do with story or characters. The need to fire whoever edited the trailers for social media.
  10. They definitely haven't skimped on 'in your face' marketing through social media. I've seen more trailers for Mortal Engines in a week than I have any other movie, all year. But the common thread is, 'all spectacle, no real substance'.
  11. I can't remember if 16mm has identifying data up the side of the stock, but figuring out how to develop a few feet of it might work? Sometimes it's just a barcode which wouldn't mean much, I guess.
  12. The only labs I've dealt with in the US are Fotokem who couldn't even return an email, and Cinelab who were so fast and professional. I can't imagine either **(obscenity removed)** someones film up and not being honest about it.
  13. How did you work out the film had been split and stapled in the middle? Are you examining it in a changing bag? I feel like sending the section either side of the tear to another lab is the only way to really know but then you're going to start paying some dollars which sucks.
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