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Eclair Cameflex 35mm 2-perf (Technicscope) camera

Erik Turestedt

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Eclair Cameflex CM3 35mm 2-perf techniscope camera for sale.


I'm asking 2400USD for it.

This camera is one rare 2-perf techniscope modified CM3 with PL mount. For those not aware of 2-perf, it basically is a modification which allows you to shoot Cinemascope directly on the neg reducing the stock cost to about 50%. I bought the camera from Film-camera-kit UK in 2011, and have never used it. I bought it from them in good working condition and maintained. I have only unpacked the camera and since then it has been stored, since I did not have time for my original intention of shooting shorts with it. Now I figure it's better to sell this beauty to someone who will have more time for it.

Tobin crystal sync motor
Tobin Time Lapse motor (Originally for Bolex, but works with CM3)
2 400ft mags
2 200ft mags
2 100ft mags
15mm rods

Batteries not included.

Can ship it anywhere for additional cost. Not sure about the shipping fee's. But will check it out for the buyer location if interested.

Item located in Sweden
Mail me at erik@luminante.com if interested.
Best Regards,
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