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Alexa Mini advice

Dominik Bauch

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Looking to possibly jump ship into an Alexa mini and was hoping for some advice from users:


- Is there a new sensor on the horizon or is the current sensor expected to stay for a while?

- Coming from Red is the resolution an issue for 4K? Have there been comparisons between the sharpness at 4k, how does the mini hold up?

- Whats the real world difference between a mini and an SXT? Just Raw frame rates and ergonimics?

- Anyone have experience with the TiltaMax Arri Mini cage / batteryplate combo? Is worth getting?

- Any gotcha's that might be a surprise? I'm aware of the licenses.


Thanks in advance, any advice really appreciated.




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Resolution and sharpness is not really an issue . Some of the biggest budget films ever made are shot on Alexa's . I've seen that the higher budget you go resolution is not really an issue as much as quality .


Unless your shooting an actal Netflix show that Netflix produces . You should not have any problems .


The mini can do UHD wich is about 3.8k

The sxt like you said has more frame rates but can also shoot actual 4K res .


Although these are just upscaling as the camera really shoots 3.4k and then upscales .

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