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  1. I thought this looked interesting for super quick applications. I have a DF50 and a V hazer, these are great obviously but heavy and at times cumbersome to use. This could be sweet to whip out and haze up shots where you might not have bothered in the past.
  2. Anyone tried this? https://nofilmschool.com/microfogger-pocket-fog-machine Looks like it could be useful but concerned about hang time and ability to get haze look. Anyone know if the 'fog' can be wafted into shape and actually mix with air without swirling constantly?
  3. Thanks, great advice. I was concerned about a 1x1 source being too 'hard' but obviously depends how close or far away you are.
  4. Thanks for this info, great lighting in your frame grab btw. Simple is always better, totally agree with everything you're saying.
  5. Dominik Bauch

    Eye light

    What is the cleanest way to lift up dark eye sockets and not destroy contrast etc of a lighting set up? i.e. I have lit a subject to taste, nice down side - key exposure is right where I want it but the eyes sockets are too dark. If I fly in some beadboard or similar it will flatten out my contrast somewhat, same with a soft light (although I could dim it down majorly but then the effect might be minimal). Also for backlit exteriors when the sun is high; similar issue but here a bounce card would probably be fine and not break any contrast etc. Any tips or tricks would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  6. It's pretty prolific for sure. NIghtflyers for Syfy looks great, C series. Netflix Glow, Amazon Homecoming etc etc. And almost every 3rd commercial. Panavision must be raking in cash.
  7. Anyone know what lenses are used on Star Trek Discovery season 2? Looks like Cooke Anamorphic i SF from the flares. No info anywhere online. Looks great, very cinematic.
  8. Just got the Arri 4x5 mattebox and it's amazing. Expensive but totally worth it. I had a Bright-tangerine misfit before and that's not even in the same universe.
  9. When reading BTS articles etc, one of the advantages of the Alexa 65 is it's supposedly superior dynamic range. Surely as it's essentially 3 x Alev III sensors strung up together, the dynamic range should be the same as a regular super 35 Alexa with an Alev III sensor? Or is there additional computing magic that increases it?
  10. By lens compression, I mean how close the background appears. So I'm wondering if an extender makes the background appear closer; so a 100mm with extender will not only be a tighter framing but will it also have lens compression similar to that of a 200mm lens or will the lens compression be the same?
  11. Will a 2X extender also increase the lens compression when used with an anamorphic prime lens? So will a 50mm prime with a 2X extender have similar lens compression to a 75mm prime for example? Im guessing that there is some gain.
  12. When using a +1 diopter with a 32mm Cooke Anamorphic i, I get pretty pronounced distortion at the edges of the frame. This isn't noticeable with other focal lengths. It's acceptable with a .5 diopter. I'm guessing this is because the 32mm is so wide that it's seeing the edges of the diopter? Is there anyway around this? (I'm using a Schneider 138mm diopters)
  13. Good point. It is from 1999, was the DF50 introduced after that?
  14. Check this out: https://www.sagaftra.org/files/safety_bulletins_amptp_part_1_9_3_11.pdf Page 51 states that 'mineral oils should not be used...' I always used to use DF50 but was wary given that I mess around at home from time to time... Rosco V Hazer is pretty nice but not as bullet proof as the DF50. I'm wary of the oil residue. I've only noticed it on my viewfinder. Never anywhere else. But if I mess up the couch at home over time I'm a dead man....
  15. For various reasons (SAG compliance, residue etc.) I'm using a water based hazer. Initial impressions are that the haze seems to swirl around more in bright sources (sunlight, flashlight). I don't remember this being so much of an issue with oil based hazers. Any tips to mitigate this issue? Is it just a case of serious wafting or running the hazer through a box fan? I assume that major movies and TV shows have to use water based haze for SAG compliance, so they must all be using a Rosco V Hazer or similar?
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