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  1. Super helpful, thanks so much for the detailed info.
  2. I won’t have a 1st AC around unfortunately, at least we o begin with. What are the best practice steps that I can follow to avoid any damage to either the mount or the lens?
  3. About to work with a 180mm anamorphic prime, pretty heavy. What are best practices mounting heavy lenses? I intend to use a lens support, just want to make sure I don’t over stress the PL mount by doing something stupid...
  4. Anyone know how the output compares between the Astera Titan tubes and the Quasar crossfade (daylight or tungsten). I love the potential flexibility of the Titans but I like the output of the Quasars (which I already own). Hoping the Asteras are close if not better.
  5. Just watched knives out. Yedlins tests looked way more like film that the movie. To me it looked super digital with overly sharp grain. All the interior shots had very digital looking blown out windows. Kind of surprised me given the hype.
  6. Thanks, 3/4 inch or 1 inch for wood? would you use washers?
  7. Can these be used with velcro? https://www.adorama.com/qsqbkt12.html Will Velcro hold the weight securely enough? Or are screws the old way to go. If so, what size works well, is a washer necessary? Thanks for any advice here.
  8. I'm thinking of using incandescent string lights like these for a shoot: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Hampton-Bay-12-Light-24-ft-Black-Commercial-Incandescent-String-Light-GLS-14J2-E26S-12/206561487 Anyone used similar and have any tips on the best kind to get. They will be used in a 2 car garage, so I don't want the light to overpower the room, more of an accent with the added benefit that they will cast some ambient light around. Going for a moody, low key look overall. Definitely don't intend to have them everywhere.
  9. Great looking show, would be interested too.
  10. Thanks, this is what I was thinking. Are there any good independent companies in LA experienced in modifying anamorphic lenses?
  11. Disclaimer: I have no idea about lens mechanics... In theory if you have a set of lenses that have very smooth bokeh but you wanted a more painterly, 'harsh' bokeh, i.e. similar to a Panavision C series where the out of focus areas seem to have more texture than with other lenses. How would you go about achieving this, is this a simple tweak or an entire redesign? I'm not talking about introducing noise or chromatic aberration.
  12. Looking into renting a set of anamorphic primes for a job. 32, 40, 50, 75, 100 are included but I've been given a choice of 135mm or 180mm to round off the set. I love the hyper stylized extreme separation that long anamorphic lenses produce; that very distorted out of focus BG bokeh feels super cinematic to me. I'm leaning towards the 180mm as I feel the 135 will be not all that different from 100mm but the 180mm has a chance to look very interesting and different. I've never used either lens before so, min. focus issues aside, in real world shooting (scripted interior / exterior) does anyone have any thoughts as to which would be the most useful / interesting?
  13. Actually I just got a Panasonic Lumix S1, matching FOV to anamorphic primes gets very close. Closer than Artemis for example. Thanks for the tips David.
  14. I did some camera tests for a project and generally 48fps was liked but my co-director felt it might be a little too dreamy and suggested 36fps. I’ve never shot this frame rate. Any considerations or issues that might arise as it’s not a direct multiple of 24?
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