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Poll: Which camera would you choose and why?

Dominik Bauch

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Could use some help making a decision.


Choice is between an Alexa Mini and the New Red Weapon Helium.


Leaning towards the Alexa Mini but the lack of raw high frame rates and not true 4k is a little scary. Some consider the Alexa sensor overhyped and old in the meantime, so I'm concerned about sinking a lot of cash into old tech.


Any thoughts or advice hugely appreciated.

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I tend to shoot a lot of my own stuff so for me it's just getting the best overall package with an emphasis on a filmic image. Red tends to need more grading but new Helium sensor plus coming updated color science might close the gap. Also form factor of Red is great but the Alexa image...

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Well if it's for your own projects that simplifies things a great deal, as you're operating outside of the regular market, and the camera only needs to appeal to you and suit your needs.

If raw HFR is essential, then you're going to have to go with the Red, if things like internal NDs are essential, look to the Arri. They're very similar cameras in a lot of ways - both produce lovely pictures, and both are small boxes that need to be heavily customised and accessorised in order to suit your personal shooting style.


As far as yielding a 'filmic' image, the greater highlight latitude on the Arri definitely gives it an edge there (over both the red and everything else out there). But again, if it's mostly just for your own projects, then you know best what your particular needs are. Personally, I don't think anyone needs to worry about the Alexa Mini becoming 'obsolete' any time soon - it'd be close to being the most popular camera on the market right now (for higher-end work at least).

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The results I'm getting with my Helium have been making me very happy. I haven't been doing much color grading on my Helium footage. And photographs.




Of course, it helps that in my area Reds are quite popular, a lot more popular than Arris... plus I could afford a Helium, but not an Alexa Mini.


Either is probably a winner. Arris re still quite popular for a reason.

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