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Opinions about Dedolight DLED7, Arri L7-c, or Fiilex Q500?

Ken Brooks

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I'm considering my next lighting purchase and have been interested in these three units.


1. The Dedolight DLED7 is relatively new, but it's basically the same body as the DLED4 with the power of the DLED9. It's a smaller fixture, but from what I've seen it has an impressive focusing range that more than compensates for its size. It also has the advantage of accepting their image projector add-on for extremely precise control or GOBO effects.


2. The Arri L7-C has basically infinite color possibilities, with both Kelvin control and Magenta/Green. It's a traditional fresnel. It's got the Arri name.


3. The Fiilex Q500 gets rave reviews for its build quality and light quality, with some of the highest TLCI scores. It also has a good range for variable color temp and is a traditional fresnel. It's also rain-proof in case that ever comes in handy.


Wondering if any of you have experience with any of these and can offer your opinions?

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Why's that? I'm guessing because you can always cover it/protect it? Yes, I figured this feature would rarely show itself as a benefit. Maybe in a crazy run & gun shoot. Probably more useful for ENG guys.


So what about these 3 options though? Have you used any of these? Anything you love/hate about any of them?

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What lights do you already own? If I was you I would base my purchase on that.


I personally only have experience with the L7. It's an OK fixture. I wouldn't say it has infinite color possibilities. It doesn't has a very wide color spectrum and it lacks saturation.

However, because it has a fresnel lens and it doesn't get hot, you can use it really close.


If you go with the L7 keep in mind you have to purchase the barn doors separately.

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