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  1. Ive got the firmware on a usb stick.the lamp reads it and installs on the head and the remote. But every time the lamp is powered on, the remote flashes the firmware again. And there is still only party mode in the lighting effects menu. What am I doing wrong?
  2. **(obscenity removed)** ME DEAD! Thats insanity!!
  3. Yeah but they keep showing it naked in their advertising. If its got a front diffusion screen isnt it just a standard softbox and it loses any cachet from looking cool? I wish someone would just do a real world comparison of every light on the market against workhorse gear so we know. I just wanna know how bright it is. 400w sounds good, but through magic cloth aint that **(obscenity removed)** all?
  4. i dont understand how it is "parabolic". And DPs have such a big thing about softness, so why are they okay with naked leds on this?
  5. I dont get it. Without anyone freaking out, whats the point of it?
  6. Creamsource is a standard workhorse in Australia. Now been replaced by Skypanels. Theyre pretty good. Mostly intelligently made. I have a 2x1 daylight and a 1x1 bicolour. Havent seen the spacelight yet. Looks like DP wank to me.
  7. Reading it again I think youre just bending the mirrors on one plane. I thought you were twisting them as well. Why bend/flood them? Why not just bounce a square shape?
  8. Tyler P; Thats a weird system but I dig it. Are you talking cheap plastic mirrors like bits of thin film? So you can bend them? Or plastic solid ones ans you only bend them a little? And you mean like a magic arm? This sounds like a really weird way to do things and I would have thought its just a way to send weird blotches of light aroun a room, but like I said im into it!
  9. I think Zylight is awesome. I know a gaffer with an F8 and he doesnt like it cause its green though.
  10. Hilite will give you that magazine look but its annoying. Shower curtain is awesome but hard to find these days? Black silk?
  11. Be good to get more punch out of it. Theyre not bright enough.
  12. Oh, that sucks. Ohhhh. On the dolly! Yeah that seems like a good idea. They look a bit different so its a talking point too. I didnt see any in black when I saw them at Ikea but surely they come in cine black.
  13. Thanks. I looked at one of those the other day and suggested it to my old gaffer boss who now installs electical switchboards and needed an umbrella to go up against a wall. Kris; what use would this be to you? The big black grip umbrellas do what you need dont they?
  14. What happens if you remove the intensifier or diffusion panel from the front of an Arri Skypanel? Is it a death blast like Cyclops? Its something to do with blue leds being harmful like an Area 48 or something isnt it? Just wondering...
  15. What a wanker. Hes just saying make flares.
  16. Thats what always happens. All DPs say "soften" when they mean "dim" these days. Its so stupid.
  17. I will bet you that for every one "credited director" who thinks a crew are poop and is right, there are 300 crew who think a director was an idiot and were right. Crew have training and come up through the ranks like military. And do it a lot more than directors. Directors dont have any of that necessarily. Its so sad that most directors are crap. Actors especially deserve better.
  18. Also need a 1.2 reflector replacement...
  19. Sunray, (not new version) (lightweight), so 4k par and 6k par used...
  20. Doubt I can afford it. Used 4k and 6k sunrays...
  21. Oh youre from Dadco? Great! I have 2x1.2 sunray. Would love a 6k sunray!!
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