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Advice for: Low Key Lighting for a Speaker Commercial

Guillermo Polo

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Hi guys!


I would like some advice on an upcoming small commercial project I have. I usually film narrative or documentary so I wanted to hear some suggestions about this particular corporate project.


I have to film a black speaker with a dark background with smooth movements (slider) using close-ups and some wider shots. The speaker s black and red (picture attached) so they want to empathize those colors with the use of lighting.

Like these two references:




The space where I'm filming is very wide (the picture is attached on this post). I would film at night so I don't have light coming from the windows.


I was thinking to have a back HMI 650W/1200W with a full red gel lighting the columns to create some red lines blurry in the background and then light the product with hard back light and a fill to add some detail from the front side.


- Which lights would you recommend for the product itself? A good reference too would be the iPhone 7 picture.


- What could I use to give some red vibrant elements to the light? Smoke and light it with red filters? Or talcum podwer?


Thanks for any advice.







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I started in this biz doing tabletop and products. A lot of how you light it will depend on how much of that room you want to see round the speakers. In general, products are lit with top softlights, from either directly overhead or slightly behind the product. The iphone you pictured is lit with softlight and probably a large silk so that there are reflections of white.


It all depends on the style/look you are going for. The pictures you included were sleek and smooth items - but a speaker isn't really a sleek item. Its loud and brash. So you have to decide do you want to light it like a car commercial or like a rock concert? that's a discussion between you and the client. But if you go for the rock concert, that's hard colored light. You could use PAR cans and just side wash the columns in red and blue. You could add a glow to up light the wall in the back with a floor light - possible a keno with gel on it like the car still you included. The product itself has a griddy front look that might play well with hard light shining into it on an angle, casting shades. I would still top light it with a softbox and front light it with a soft source, but definitely hard backlight that is bright. For the slider shot to rad even better, you should have light on the background so you an see it move.


Just some suggestions. Good luck.

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