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  2. I bought two Ursa Minis 4.6K. I already have Davinci so I don't need those. They are NEW, never used. Boxes open because it comes already like that in the camera package. Looking at selling individually for $550 each or 1000 for the 2 package. Willing to ship internationally with paypal. I include on the price the paypal safe fees and shipping cost. Contact Guillermo: gpolofilms@gmail.com Thanks!
  3. Selling my owned RED EPIC DRAGON 6K PACKAGE. ALL TOGETHER AS A PACKAGE. RED EPIC DRAGON #08526 DELIVERY DATE 06/19/2015 700 Hours Los Angeles, CA. PACKAGE RED EPIC DRAGON #08526 REDMAG SSD SIDE HIGH LIGHT OPTIMIZED OLPF LOW LIGHT OPTIMIZED OLPF RED TOUCH 5.0" LCD REDMAG 1.8" SSD (4-PACK) - 64GB RED STATION REDMAG 1.8" (MINI) - ESATA REAR MODULE CAP AC POWER ADAPTOR (DSMC) 2x RED BRICK BATTERY RED BRICK DUAL CHARGER SLIDING TOP HANDLE PL MOUNT WOODEN CAMERA Cine Oxide Back Plate V-Mount HOODMAN LCD FIREWIRE 800 TO THUNDERBOLT ADAPTER WOODEN CAMERA EASY TOP X CHEESE PLATE WOODEN CAMERA 15MM LW BRACKET WOODEN CAMERA EASY RISER BASE PLATE Wooden Camera Safety NATO Rail (100mm) Original Epic Dragon Case for the body only. TOTAL SPENT $35.000USD ASKING $26.000USD OBO Camera works perfect, I never had any issues with it. It has some cosmetic scratches. Ideally local buyer in Los Angeles. I will ship worldwide if using Red's escrow service only. Transfer of ownership RED paid by the buyer and shipping costs too. You can ask me additional for additional pictures or questions at: gpolofilms@gmail.com Thanks, Guillermo
  4. Hi guys! I would like some advice on an upcoming small commercial project I have. I usually film narrative or documentary so I wanted to hear some suggestions about this particular corporate project. I have to film a black speaker with a dark background with smooth movements (slider) using close-ups and some wider shots. The speaker s black and red (picture attached) so they want to empathize those colors with the use of lighting. Like these two references: The space where I'm filming is very wide (the picture is attached on this post). I would film at night so I don't have light coming from the windows. I was thinking to have a back HMI 650W/1200W with a full red gel lighting the columns to create some red lines blurry in the background and then light the product with hard back light and a fill to add some detail from the front side. - Which lights would you recommend for the product itself? A good reference too would be the iPhone 7 picture. - What could I use to give some red vibrant elements to the light? Smoke and light it with red filters? Or talcum podwer? Thanks for any advice. best
  5. Hi there, I'm looking to buy used the next items: - PL mount. (Like wooden camera) - 1 or 2 Magic Arms like Noga for the LCD monitor and the second monitor. - Matte Box - Like Tangerine ViV level. - ND Filters 4x4.56 - 15mm Rods - Follow Focus + Rings - LLO OLPF You can send me models, pics, quotes. I'm located in Los Angeles. Thanks Guillermo 310-658-133 gpolofilms@gmail.com
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