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Looking for Vision Research Flex 4k Camera Canon C300 Mark I and Mark II

YOu can contact me at 843-554-7811 or Email Barbara@newprovideo.com


Lens Set and Cameras For Sale


Set of 8 Zeiss Standard Speed lenses. 16,24,32,40,50,85,100 & 135 of which the 16,24,32 have the focus pin pulled. The lenses will be going in for cleaning and service if needed prior to shipping. Asking $51,000.00 unless of course you want to make a quick deal. :-) Contact me for more info.


Sony PXW FS7 pgk. for $9200.00 with Lens
Hours 429
Comes with
28mm-135mm E Mount Sony/Zeiss Zoom Lens F4...
Metabones PL Lens Adaptor
Metabones EF Lens Adaptor
Sony 1-BPU 30 & 2 BPU 60 Batteries & Single Charger
3-128GB XQHD Cards
1-Wooden 15mm Rods with Universal Plate & Lens Support for 28mm-135mm
1-Jason Cases FS7

Sony F55 CineAlta Camera W/ Opt. CBK-55PD Codec Board & Arri Accessories $22,500.00
Aprox Hours 518! Owner OPerator!
Comes with
Sony CBK-55PD Codec Board
Sony DVF-EL100 OLED Viewfinder
Pro Broadcast Plate Set for Sony F5/F55, includes:
1-K2.66261.0 - Broadcast Plate for Sony F5/F55
1-K2.66249.0 - Shoulder Pad for Sony PMW F5/F55
1-K2.66247.0 - Top Plate for Sony PMW F5/F55
1-K2.66248.0 - Viewfinder Adapter for Sony PMW F5/F55, VFA-1
1-K2.73002.0 - Center Camera Handle, CCH-2
1-K2.66251.0 - Viewfinder Plug Protection for Sony PMW F5/F55
15 mm LWS Rod Console
Set of Rosettes for Broadcast Sony/ULB-4
Phantom MIRO 320S Camera Package $32,500.00
1,500 fps at 1920 x 1200
Comes with
1-Phantom MIRO 320S Camera body w/Canon EF mount
1-MIRO PL lens mount
1-AbelCine MIROBOB
1-Vision Research PCC software
2-Cine flash 120gb solid state drives
1-Cine flash reader and power cable w/2 USB 3 & e sata cables
1-I Phantom wi-fi station with Ethernet cable (for use with IPhantom App)
1-25 ft. PCU cable
1-50 ft. PCU cable
1-Phantom PCU control unit
1-Phantom Pickle switch
1-Phantom short trigger cable to top handle
1-Anton Bauer adapter to Phantom MIROBOB
1-25 ft. Ethernet cable
1-Phantom AC power supply with cables
1-2570 Pelican case with wheels


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