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  1. Vision Research Phantom V711 HI Speed Camera Color, 32GB Memory, 12-Bit, 1US & Cinemag Compatible In Excellent Condition! Asking $37,700 Comes with 1- Phantom V711, Color 32GB Memory, 12-Bit, 1US, Cinemag Compatible 1- EF Mount 2- Vision Research 512GB Cine Mag 1- Phantom Magmate Replacement/Spare Cinemag Socket for Flex2K & VXX1 Series * 1- Innerspace Phantom V711 System Case w/Wheels 1-Lens Mount, EOS-Mount for Flex 2K, VXXX, VXXXX * 1-Trigger, Pickle Switch 2A5105 1- O’Connor Large Euro Plate 1-Arri Bridge Plate BP-9 S
  2. For Sale Beautiful Set of Zeiss CP1 lenses Full Frame Full Frame PL Mount with & Zacuto Follow Focus Imperial Markings Owner Operator! Excellent Condition! If you want EF mount PSTekek makes a conversion kit PS-IMS Conversion Kit for Zeiss Compact Primes CP1 Lenses Contact me for details! Comes with Front and Back Caps Zacuto Follow Focus Speed crank & Whip
  3. Great Savings on a Very Low used Shotover F1 6-axis Gyro Stabilization Unit COMES WITH Components to install camera and lenses combos Windowless Operation attachment Front window Filter mounting assembly Hede lenses motors Laptop Operation control unit Auxiliary junction unit Complete external cable set Standard shipping cases UL certificate ground power supply Cone Top plate Airfilm mount compatible Laptop computer with gimbal software and manual EXTRA’S THAT ARE INCLUDED Remote controlled rotation polarizer ass
  4. I have a set of Leice R rehoused by GL Optics 19,28,50 80135 & 35 that just came back from GL Optics for maintenance all in are in very good good condition if you email me I will send you pictures. barbara@newprovideo.com
  5. listening to serious offers Cooke T2.3 Anamorphic/i Prime Lens Set (25,32,40,50, 65MACRO 75,100, 135MM)-$154,000 Leica Summicron-C Lens Set T2 (15, 18, 21, 25, 29, 35, 40, 50, 75, 100, & 135mm)-$105,000 Cooke Panchro/I Classic Lens Set (18, 25, 32, 40, 50, 75, & 100mm)-$65,500 Zeiss Super Speed lens Set (18,25,35,50, & 85mm)-$45,600 Hot Deal! Cooke 18-100mm T3.0 Zoom Lens w/ Heden Motor Bracket-$11,000 Zeiss CZ.2 Compact Zoom 15-30mm Zoom Lens-$16,000 Zeiss Super Speed 35mm T1.3 Lens-$11,000 Canon Century 150-600mm T6.7 PL
  6. For Sale Set of 5 GL Optics Rehoused FF Leica Vintage 19,28,50,80 &135 Asking $34,500.00 Add $3400.00 for Duclos 1.7 Expander All in really nice condition.
  7. Hello , I sure hope you; your family and friends have been able to stay healthy and safe these last few months and ready to work I know many of us are ready to get back working. I do have to share the good news from the conversations I am having with clients, the emails I am receiving and posts of various social media platforms that they are starting to get calls and production getting put back on schedule. Slowly but surely. One thing I did notice there was not a huge influx of used equipment coming in for sale. What I found was most were holding on waiting for business to get back on s
  8. For sale the following Zeiss Super Speeds MK2 & Cooke S4 lenses to sell individually we will sell as a package as well. All are In good condition. The Super Speeds 18,25,35,50 & 85 $7,800.00 each. Cooke S4 18,25,27,40,65,100 &135mm $7,600.00 each. All in Good Condition? Serviced by Duclus in 2018
  9. Here are some of my latest listings of gear for sale Mini LF full Nice kit Only 10 hours.$70,000.00 Set of 6 Cooke S4 lenses $48,000.00 Sony PXW FS7MII with XDCA 7 adptr. Only 184 hours $6,500.00 O'Connor 1030 Tripod W/ Satchler CF legs $3,100.00
  10. For Sale Alexa Mini 1195 hours This camera is in good working condition! Asking $36,000.00 Comes with VF Arri VEB-3 viewfinder extension bracket K2.0006352 1-center handle 1-BP-4 K2 k2.0006352 Bridge plate adptr 1-MAP-2 mini adopter plate 2-MP-1 K2.0006348 side brackets 1-A box wooden Camera 1-CSP-1 k2.0008408 low bracket 1-Shipping Case 4-256gb cards with reader and cable
  11. I hop Y'all are staying safe and staying productive during this staycation! Below are some really nice camera packages I have for sale priced to sell. I did put the Sony FX9 1st that is brand new and we are shipping and have a few in stock. I do deal in new equipment as well for most of the major manufacturers and we are working and can ship most. Please contact me directly for pictures New Sony PXW FX9's in Stock with Accessories that can ship right away! Sony 28-135mm F4/4 Lens $2,498.00 CORE CXV-FX9 V mount adapter back for Sony fx9 $485.00 (NEW) Below are a few pre
  12. I have 2 Alexa Mini packages 1st Camera Alexa Mini Asking $44,000.00 Hours 1826 Comes with ALEXA Mini 4:3 License Key ALEXA Mini ARRIRAW License Key ARRI Look Library License Key Mini Viewfinder MVF-1 k2.0005861 Viewfinder Extension Bracket Arri K2.74000.0-VEB3 Mini Side Bracket MSB-1 k2.0006348 MSB-1 Arri Center Camera Handle k2.73002.1-cch-2 Arri Mini adptr plate k2.0006347 Arri Mini Side Bracket MSB-1 k2.0006348 Arri CSP-1 Shoulder Pad k2.0006807 Arri BPA-4 Bridge Plate k2.0006352 Wooden Camera A-box 5-Cards 2nd pkg. Alexa
  13. For Sale Sony Venice Camera Pkg. In Stock and Ready to ship. Latest 4.0 Firmware Only 133 Hours Comes with Sony DVF EL200 Sony AXS-R7 Arri plate for Sony k2.0017137 Arri Top Plate for Sony k2.00017024 Arri Camera Center Handle k2.0017270 Sony CBK3610XS/S VENICE Extension System Sony CKZ-3610F Full Frame Permanent Software License for Venice Sony CKZ-3610A Anamorphic Permanent Software License 4-Sony AXSM 512GB S48 Cards 1-Shipping
  14. In Stock! Sony PXW-FX9 XDCAM 6K Full-Frame Camera System NEW 0% 24 Month Lease Option I also work for EC Professional out of NYC as their National Sales REpresentative. If you want to try the Camera out First and you are in or near NYC (51st & 8thAve.) Contact me for a Demo or Rental Contact me @ 917-499-9596 OR EMAIL barbara@... New Camera Comes with Sony PXW-FX9 XDCAM 6K Full-Frame Camera (Body Only) Body Cap Viewfinder Eyepiece BP-U35 Battery Sony BC-U1A Battery Charger / AC Adapter for BP-U90, U60, U60T, U30 Grip Remote Control AC Adapter USB Cable
  15. For Sale ARRI Amira Body with PL Mount $22,500.00 Hours 3265:47 I will have pictures in the next day Has the following licenses Premium License 4K UHD License Look Library License Comes with 1-BPA-3 Baseplate (K2.75006.0) 1-ARRI Top Handle
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