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Lighting for sale Dedo, FilmGear, etc

Rick Barham

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Hi all. I bought a truckload of lighting gear and am selling the surplus. Make me a (realistic) offer.



Brand new, in boxes, FilmGear & Ianiro tungsten studio Fresnel and LED lamps with barn doors and bulbs.


1 x 150w fresnel

1 x 300w fresnel

1 x 650w fresnel

1 x 2kw fresnel


1 x PowerLED 240w, daylight balanced, with Filter Frame

1 x Ianiro Solaris LED fresnel 150w (1000w equivalent), daylight balanced, with barn door.



Set of Dedolights, tungsten Aspherics2 – 4 lamps x 100w. With DT12-4 ballast, cables, barn doors, filter frames and new OSRAM bulbs. Fully checked by Munich-certified technician and in great shape. I have 4 sets for sale. These guys are bombproof, super portable, very low heat (for tungsten) and put out the equivalent of a regular 300w fresnel.







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