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URGENT Arri 235 battery in LA - owner operators can you help?

Davo McConville

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If anyone knows of a place that has specifically re-celled the factory Arri 235 on-board batteries successfully, I would love to know. I've heard a few varying stories that range from, "no problem", to "the battery packs are kind of glued in there a bit and you have to scrap off all this excess glue and that makes them a bit more difficult". Thanks in advance.

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Thanks Kenny!


I tried but in the end we rebuilt them ourselves.


Todd – it takes a minute but it's not hard.


22 Standard AA NimH cells - 1.2A, Mah 1700-2100 – flat top / solder tabs


Reuse the thermistors etc from inside the battery (not hard to disassemble) and rebuild based on what you see in there.


You'll probably need to score the tops of the batteries to make sure the solder sticks (the Arri cells are electro soldered).


Every single battery needs a tab top and bottom.


They've then glued the block together, but regular glue gun glue won't be heat resistant enough to replace it with.


We recelled 4 batteries in about 5 hours.

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