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  1. It appears that when it's powered on, it runs forward and then possibly backwards, if that clue is of any help!
  2. Hello all, My 1014 XL S, previously fully working, has now started... and won't stop. It is in 'R', Running mode (not RL, Running Lock), but it runs out the cartridge as soon as it is started. I had hired the camera out, it wasn't a problem before this hire so I'm wondering if something could have happened on the shoot. I know that switching R / RL when the camera is running is a bad idea (per the manual). Does anyone know what the issue might be, and how tough a repair could be? THANKS! Here's a link showing the operation: https://imgur.com/JXmkoKo
  3. Hey all, As the title suggests, I'd like to buy a CM171, DM250 or BM210 – a true 10 bit monitor with HD-SDI input. Ideally in London but EU would be great. Thanks all, Davo
  4. Canon 11-165mm PL Mount Super 16 Format T2.5 Amazing Zoom Lens Good shape lens, amazing technically. Includes hard case. £3500 (EU) or $4200 (US) – I am based in London but will be in New York soon so can ship it from there if that helps. Technical Specs Focal length 11-165mm Max aperture (T) 2.5 Close focus 3' Image Circle 16mm Front diameter 95mm Weight 2268g Length 190mm Mount PL Mount
  5. Thanks Joseph – I know where the image is from, I just wanted to know if the flightcase itself was something off-the-shelf or if it is a DIT world custom build
  6. 1x 12.6cm Half Chrome/Grey ball 1x soft protective bag for ball, 1x 200mm carbon fiber tubular handle with 1/4 unc (small camera size) 1x Peli Storm 2306 case with protective foam, External Dimensions Length 46cm, Width 21cm, Depth 17cm kit weight 3 kg Used on one shoot. Mint condition. £300 (RRP £432)
  7. Evening all, Can anyone identify this flightcase? It may well be a custom build but if not I'd love to know, looks like a great computer solution. Thanks
  8. I have a couple of old Vinten tripods, and I'd like to kit them out with heads and spreaders (currently just the legs). Can anyone tell me how exactly how to measure the bowl size? The measurement across the interior is about 85mm. So does the measurement need to be taken from the ring around the top? Which would be more like 100mm? Or am I looking at a couple of 75mm tripods? Thanks!
  9. Evening all, Can anyone identify this flightcase? It may well be a custom build but if not I'd love to know, looks like a great computer solution. Thanks
  10. Hey Larry, did you ever figure out things around this lens / adapter? We're trying to fit a 12-240mm Angeniuex in Arri Bayonet mount to the Birns and Sawyer Arri S mount extender. And the bayonet wings are stopping it. Is there a simple way to remove the wings from the lens do you know? Thanks!
  11. Thanks Bill! I appreciate it!
  12. The other thing that would be great to know is the barrel size for the power on the 1014. It seems to be a very thick inner pin, I haven't worked out the size yet
  13. Thanks Bill that's super useful – specifically, knowing that I can use an 814 battery cover. Can you confirm that will work? Thanks!
  14. Hello everyone, I've managed to lose my 1014 XL-S battery cover, meaning I can't use the camera. First question, is does anyone have a junk 1014 XL-S I can buy to use for parts? Second question is does anyone know whether the battery covers for any other models are interchangeable? Eg the 814 or 514 XL S? I know the 1014 standard isn't a fit (I think). Thanks for any help! D
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