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  1. Ha! 👏 Well, I bow down to the great professional metric of number of posts on a cinematography forum. If you didn't read the thread properly, take a look at where Phil completely hijacks a thread in which we were trying to help someone with a question. If you don't have anything constructive to say and you rant about what's bothering you instead, that has a name: trolling.
  2. If you have something to say about the specifics of which drive to use, contribute to the conversation that way. Your lazy slandering in lieu of helpful constructive advice speaks volumes about you. I’m not even going to get into the specifics of any of it, but you freely admit your own prejudices are showing. You know nothing about my or the others’ qualifications or backgrounds. No place for this on this forum.
  3. Your attitude is incredibly rude here phil. You make sweeping generalisations and assumptions that are not justifiable or helpful. How dare you tell a fellow user to “learn your trade”. your own post contains a number of inaccuracies or unhelpful notes so you’re not exactly showing how it’s done.
  4. If you can show me a bus powered drive that offers speeds close to a wall-powered drive I would be very happy to know about it!
  5. Hi phil, with respect the computer’s year and therefore generation is enough for the discussion. Processor and ram aren’t in play here in this discussion: types of ports are. nothing is blindingly obvious, we’re trying to help someone who may not be a propellorhead. Bus powered drives *do* have a major performance cap compared to their psu-powered counterparts. Compare a LaCie 7200rpm drive inside a rugged and inside a psu drive and you’ll find a huge performance difference
  6. Ah then a power stop is your friend! DM me and I’ll send a photo of an inexpensive little setup. All bus drives will be about the same, sadly SSD - should be a lot faster, especially on USBc and even better thunderbolt 3!
  7. Ah cool – yes Silverstack is a $$$$$$$$$ beast Message me if you ever need any other help! I don't look at the forums too much but would see a message
  8. Ah I'm so sorry, I didn't see the date on your post. Thought you were still pre-production! Sorry I couldn't say anything sooner. Lacies are the main bottleneck so for next time, you know! Silverstack – you finding it good? I've not bitten the $900 bullet yet, did you get a short term project license?
  9. NACHO I MISS U You'd think there'd be guild of some kind. Have you ever been to Hatton Gardens? It's the part of London with all the jeweller's shops. It's been there forever. Maybe go down and ask them if any of them sell tools, there might be one dealer who supplies all the jewellers...
  10. Hey professional DIT here Don't cascade copy, that makes multiple backups pointless on one level (sure, you're protected if you physically lose one, but if there's a bad copy on your first generation, that gets copied to all other drives). I know that Hedge etc will verify that one copy, but it's not worth taking the risk with any footage, IMO The quickest solution would be: • throw any Lacie Ruggeds in the rubbish bin. That's an extreme statement and I appreciate that you might not have much in the way of budget. But the bottleneck of those drives is MASSIVE. Get G-Tech USB-C drives. You need drives with a power supply, because Ruggeds or similar run power and data through the same cable. Massively slow. The even quicker version (for transcoding) would be to buy 2x G-Techs for your backups, and have 1x SSD scratch drive (say a 1TB drive). Back up to all 3, then run your transcodes from and to the SSD. Agree with Robin – Hedge is excellent. Would definitely recommend it over Shotput. Silverstack is amazing but even I'm not sure if I can afford it right now (and it's a steep learning curve) Hope that helps somewhat. Shout if you need more!
  11. Hey there Freya! Do you know anyone who converts the CM3 to 2 perf? Thanks

  12. It appears that when it's powered on, it runs forward and then possibly backwards, if that clue is of any help!
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