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Monitor for Arri 416

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I am a user of Arri 416 camera and I'm searching for a monitor for it. I have one Blackmagic monitor, but the image is hardly perceptible and it's completely dark when there is no very strong light.
What do professionals use with Arri 416 to get a good image on monitor?
I would be very grateful for any help or advice.
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If you are getting an image, however dark, then I don't think the monitor is the problem. There is probably an iris control on the 416 video tap, and I would guess that the iris is just stopped down for day exterior use. There may also be an ND switch on the video tap, though it's been almost 10 years since I've used a 416, so I could be wrong about that.


Think of a video tap as a video camera pointed at the film camera's ground glass. You control the exposure on the video tap camera by opening and closing the video camera lens iris, just like you control exposure on the film by changing the iris on the cinema lens.

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There is a pesky iris dial kind of hidden on the bottom of the Integrated Video System of the 416, and not immediately apparent to the naked eye. When I first used a monitor with it, the screen was black because the iris was fully stopped down until I found the dial.


Look for the dial and play with it to make sure it's open.


Here's a pic of the diagram to the dial.



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