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motion artefacting with the Z1U

Rich Potter

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I hope this isn't a double post, but I want to specify one question in relation to the same project that I described in my previous post:


I've been reading about the MPEG 2 compression used to create HDV video, and that it can cause motion artefacting. Has anyone who's used this camera experienced this? Is it as bad as they make it out to be? Does the same problem apply in the DVCAM mode?


The movie I'm making will have the camera stationary on sticks most of the time, but there are maybe three steadycam shots as well as a handful of pans and tilts. Is the danger of srtefacting enough for me to forego the resolution benefits of HDV in order to use the DVX100 (and gain a decent 24p mode)? Or should I stay with HDV and the potential film blow-up advantage it gives me? (Assuming my primary audience is the int'l festival circuit with the intention to sell to Latin American cable channels.)



Republic of Panama

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