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Sony FX1 not syncing with Powerbook?


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I've been using a Sony FX1 with a 1.5Ghz Powerbook, using iMovie.


A/V -> DV set to ON

iLINK CONV set to ON (HDV -> DV)


[ Can someone clarify these settings for me? I haven't been able to get iMovie to digitize HD video..only downconverted DV ]


All of a sudden, iMovie can't communicate with the FX1.


I was doing an edit..digitized some video. Then, it quit syncing with the FX1. I have a Sony Digital8 camcorder..& it syncs to it fine.


Is there something wrong with the FX1, or are my settings wrong?


Someone suggested deleting the preferences file for iMovie. I tried it, but that didn't help.


I'm using the FX1 in a dusty environment (desert offroad racing):




[ see the Robby Gordon video ]


Maybe the FW connector is fouled up because of the dust?


I don't what's going on..


Any suggestions?

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