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Teradek Bolt 2000 Tx / Rx / Sidekicks

brett mayfield

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hey yall

i have a lightly-used teradek 2000 kit here. kit is in awesome condition. i am selling because i am just not interested in accessories right now. working on building out another rig and other kinds of gear.


-1 transmitter in anton bauer cage with pass-through power

-1 receiver in anton bauer cage with pass-through power


all sorts of cables

hardware for mounting

extra antennae

extra screws, etc.


recently sent to teradek for pre-sale inspection. then tested by an AC. it all checks out great.

the anton bauer cages are by far the best way of mounting these.

i have two sidekicks that I am willing to sell with the kit if that is a deal-maker. i already have a buyer for these, so i will not part them out separately, they will only be included if you want the whole shabang. one sidekick includes a mount.


im feelin 7500 for everything EXCEPT sidekicks. if you want the sidekicks as well then 10800

located in atlanta


let me know if you are interested. feel free to reach out with any questions. but lets talk before you start haggling.











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