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Preston Cinema FIZ kit Wireless focus Hand unit HU3 MDR3 DMC2 2x DM-1X 1x DM-2 Motors

Gevorg Sarkisian

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I am selling my Preston Cinema FI+Z remote lens control system kit. The kit is in like new condition and it has been used on one project only. I am the original owner of the kit. Here are the actual pictures of the items and detailed list what comes in the kit:

Asking $27,900

located in Los Angeles

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or for more pictures at workprintmedia@gmail.com

Thank you

Gevorg Sarkisian


Kit included Items list:

1x Handset HU3

1x MDR-3

1x Micro Force Digital 2

1x PAM-U-15mm Bracket Kit for DM-1X

2x DM-1X Digital Motors

1x DM-2 Digital Motor

1x M/F HU3 Bracket

2x Power 12V 4Pin XLR-2P Lemo Cable

2x Arri 24V PWR/Stop Start Cable

2x Camera EPIC Cable

2x Main Command Cable

2x Cinetape-MDR-3 Cable

3x Motor Cale 90 degree -straight

3x Motor Cable 90 degree-90 degree

1x Digital M/F HU3 Cable 8"

1x Digital M/F HU3 Cable 8'

4x Marking rings

2x Batteries

1x Battery charger

1x Innerspace FI+Z MKIII case



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