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  1. I am selling my Preston Cinema FI+Z remote lens control system kit. The kit is in like new condition and it has been used on one project only. I am the original owner of the kit. Here are the actual pictures of the items and detailed list what comes in the kit: Asking $27,900 located in Los Angeles Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or for more pictures at workprintmedia@gmail.com Thank you Gevorg Sarkisian workprintmedia@gmail.com Kit included Items list: 1x Handset HU3 1x MDR-3 1x Micro Force Digital 2 1x PAM-U-15mm Bracket Kit for DM-1X 2x DM-1X Digital Motors 1x DM-2 Digital Motor 1x M/F HU3 Bracket 2x Power 12V 4Pin XLR-2P Lemo Cable 2x Arri 24V PWR/Stop Start Cable 2x Camera EPIC Cable 2x Main Command Cable 2x Cinetape-MDR-3 Cable 3x Motor Cale 90 degree -straight 3x Motor Cable 90 degree-90 degree 1x Digital M/F HU3 Cable 8" 1x Digital M/F HU3 Cable 8' 4x Marking rings 2x Batteries 1x Battery charger 1x Innerspace FI+Z MKIII case
  2. Since the S5 's are newer lenses I was assuming that they should have been a little sharper then the s4's, but you have experienced the oposite.
  3. What are the main differences between Cooke S4/i and 5/i lenses except the physical size and the T stop difference. Has anybody used them both so we can compare them together? Thanks
  4. I was just wondering what lenses will be compatible with the Epic. The stage two cameras are getting close to be delivered and I was curious for shooting 5k 16:9 which will be the biggest frame size, will Cooke i5 or arri master prime cover that? What minimum diameter should the lens have? Which one should be better choice i/5 or master prime? Thanks Gevorg
  5. thanks for the info and good points, having the camera operator move (steps) in sync with the actor while shooting handeld helps for the smooth and organic movements and it makes you more connected to the character. That was the one of the tricks that they used I guess, but for doing that you have to be experienced and to a lot of rehearsals with the actor so you can keep up the sync. How it is usually done, the operator feels the steps of the actor? The handheld camera work did not bother me. In my opinion it helped the story a lot, it gave more naturalistic and documentary feeling to the movie.
  6. I was amazed how was the handheld camera operating work done on the movies Black Swan. The camera was following the characters and the dancers while maintaing the same object size. It felt very smooth and organic. In some scenes it felt like the camera was almost attached to the characters and looked like that the camera was running at 45 degree shutter in dance sequences, did they change the shutter in reality? Part of getting that perfect is doing rehearsals but other then that does anybody know more details? How can you get that kind of look? Do they used special rigs? Thanks Read more: http://www.cinematography.com/index.php?showtopic=49654#ixzz19GEhRHnA
  7. Hello! I whant to recreat the mercury vapor street light color using thungsten light. What gel combination I have to use on a 3200K light and on 5600K light to get the same color. Thanks.
  8. Hello! Stephen Lighthill called me today too. I am accepted to the program. It is one of the happiest days of me life :))). Looking forward meeting you. Thanks you!
  9. Do you have any news? I have not received phonecall yet! But It is only morning now.
  10. As I know the interviewing process is over! What is your interview date?
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