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Hi all,

I know that a very recent post asks the same question,.. but I have different & more specific requirements:

I have recently been hired in as a consultant to the biggest (not very big) rental in a country with barely any.. to help them streamline their activities, professionalize their technicians and grow. The site is small and the inventory not very big. Though they do have more than decent equipment and plan to invest in more, most of their "technicians" have very limited knowledge and know-how.

They still do everything by hand and don't use barcoding, ..but the growing industry and increase in rentals is slowly starting to catch up with them.

I am looking to digitalise their inventory and implement using barcodes, and as such am looking for software in which I can load my inventory and track the ins and outs of items through barcode scanning. Ideally, i would prefer a NON-Cloud system (most available today seem online); internet connection is not always a given here. ..


do any of you know of any options? ideally systems that come bundled with a barcode printer + scanner(s) + software? ..maybe even one that comes with its own computer? (plug&play)
or do any of you have recommendations for these different things?

Basically I need something simple, straightforward and not too complicated for a small camera/lights/grip rental company.

Any advice welcome! PLEASE - No sales reps pitching product!

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I would look at Filemaker Pro. It's a simple to use database that doesn't require any real knowledge of how to set up a database, and works on Mac and Windows. There are a ton of third party developers who have made application-specific databases, and I'm quite sure this would be easy to find. It works with many third party barcode scanners, some of which you can buy online for just a few dollars. Also, you can set up a database that scans using a smartphone camera.


It's not quite a turnkey system, but it really is the simplest database system out there, and once you have Filemaker you can use it for other things, since it's a general purpose tool.

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File Maker Pro is a great suggestion. It's proven, cost effective, and if there is anything you can't do yourself it should be easy to get cheap help by one of the freelancing sites. And the current version lets you create Android and IOS interfaces -



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