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Edgar Nyari

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I'm not really sure if it is allowed to advertise crowdfunding campaigns on this forum, so I won't post any links yet. Before II do that, can some of the mods please comment on this issue? And if it is allowed, which forum section would be best suitable?


It's about a short film called Instar which I directed and DP'd a couple of weeks ago shot on a multitude of formats: mostly standard 35mm, with segments in 16mm negative and even some 16mm reversal. Film itself as a medium is part of the story, so different looks and formats will play into it.


The film is currently in the stage of postproduction and since it's self-financed by me and a couple of friends, we are running an Indiegogo campaign to help cover the costs of scanning. The negatives are still at the postproduction house awaiting the end of their holidays, so I don't have any stills or footage yet.



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