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High Speed 16mm Camera (300 fps)

Jacob Mitchell

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Hi all,


I'm starting prep work for my college thesis at Emerson and I'm researching into the different challenges with shooting the project on film. I'm particularly thinking 16mm, just for budgetary reasons, and can't seem to find a Super 16mm camera that shoots up to 300 fps other than scientific/military cameras. The film is about a track athlete, so I'm wanting to get some very beautiful, frozen moment shots of our talent running. Does anyone know of any cameras that shoot as high as 300 fps? I see most of the HS cameras from Arri only go up to 150 fps.



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Photosonics made the fastest intermittent pin registered HS 16mm up to 1000fps. Here is my PAM500 being tested at 500fps with a dummy roll. Takes harder to find 2 perf 16mm film. The filmmaker Cherry Kino ended up shooting at 200fps, i.e.




I have a handheld kit but I am in the process of developing a more portable power supply. I have a new PAMM500 colleague who is actually converting his to single perf 16mm film which tops out at approximately 360fps.But he maintains he will be shooting conservatively at 300fps.


The PAM500 was used extensively by NFL Films for decades regarding their famous slow-motion highlight reels. There are faster 16mm cams utilizing rotary prisms which blend frames continuously but they are not as sharp and tend to weave.


Did you not come across Photo-Sonics in your research? It was also the dominant high speed 35mm intermittent transport camera for special effects in major films including Christopher Nolan's Inception.

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