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Android vs. iOS

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I had this impression, and now it looks like a lot more than that, for some time now that the apps for iOS are either better or exist exclusively for it. I thought, at least in a case of one particular app, that somehow Apple secretly incentivizes that app's developers to always make it better for Apple's devices and that they might have some kind of a secret contract that slows down Android development in favour of iOS.

Then a few days ago I typed into Google "why are apps better for ios". This popped up in one of the results (it's from 2015):

For my target demographic and audience, the people who have iPhones are far more desirable than their peers with Android phones. When talking with teens and 20 year olds, having a big, gold iPhone 6 Plus is like carrying a Prada bag or driving a BMW. It signifies a social status, a place at the top of their social circle. You buy an iPhone because you want the best.

Young people I talk to with Android phones have them because it was cheap, or free, and their goal is to buy an iPhone a year or two from now when they have the money. They settled with an Android phone and now they’re settling with clunky implementations of the apps their friends had before them on their iPhones. I’m building for iOS because I want to target users with taste and buying power.

:lol: at the Prada bag and BMW comments! Not that it's not true. :ph34r: Not much change in the recent few years, although I could say an iPhone in this sense is not what it once was. Also, on the other hand, the competitors just can't take this crown from Apple, no matter what they do, it seems.

I think that another result even said that Google's own apps are better for iOS. :lol: :blink: :ph34r:

In that iMac Pro thread I saw that Android vs. iOS popped up briefly.

So I was wondering what are your thoughts and experinces, likes and dislikes, when it comes to both of these operating systems and their possibilities.

Why do you prefer the one you use?

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I prefer Android because I don't want to be limited in what I do. I remember a couple years ago how much harder it was to do simple things on my wife's iPhone that were very easy to do on Samsung. Like a custom ringtone, for example, or transferring mp3s or movies from the computer to the phone. All harder on the iPhone.

Unfortunately, there are apps for iOS that don't exist for Android.

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It's simple. When you design an app for IOS, you know that the 90% of the people have the latest Iphone, so is like in the past, when video game designers work on SEGA or Nintendo. They work with the same hardware and the knew how the game is going to run.


The problem to Android is not Androit itself, but there are 20 different versions in 60 different phones that run Android, so you have to design always to the oldest, cheap phones, because if you don't do it that way, only a small percent of the public can run your app properly.

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