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  1. @Tyler Purcell That video is by Tony and Chelsea Northrup, they don't KNOW anything other than Youtube. I'm always surprised they have a following at all. Compare to this footage from the same event: Starts around the 41:45 mark.
  2. Alright, I think I can slow down on the anxiety now. First of all, I need to stop thinking of my EF lenses as a sunk cost, because, if my long term goal is to purchase a Canon C200, they won't go to waste. Second, Jared Polin always says that the rule of thumb is a maximum of five lenses per camera body. So there's no real need to build a collection of 10-20 lenses for whatever I choose. The Nikon Z6 is still a winner in my book just from watching the footage online. The Sony stuff, I think, goes through a grueling process in order to be usable. Armando Ferreira dropped the A7III for the Canon EOS R in order to better match his C200. Potato Jet...well, he seems to get every camera there is, anyway. The other objection to the Sony is the cost of decent lenses. I watched the videos of that event Sony held and then the lenses used by the Youtubers that participated. The lenses were in the $2K range for similar specs that cost half that in other brands. GH5s sounds good, that Leica 12-60mm seems okay to start with. But it's actually a depressing choice. Emotionally it's not appealing. I feel more excited at the thought of the Nikon and the Canon. But neither are in the financing list.
  3. The whole thing is so confusing, I'd be better off waiting until I can afford the C200. Which might take another two years.
  4. If the BMPCC 4K were possible to buy, I would have already bought one. But I just want something to hold me over until I have enough for the Canon C200. I watched too much Jared Polin.
  5. Well, nobody can buy one...especially people like me who have to finance it. Also, no flippy screen...
  6. Looks like the GH5 can also be financed. Darn, the more choices there are, the longer it takes to make a choice. The GH5S is also on the list now. Funny, it wasn't there this morning. I wonder if the metabones EF to MFT I have on my BMPCC would work on a GH5S. @aapo lettinen why the GH5s instead of the GH5? Looks like it has no IBIS.
  7. It sounds like a good idea, this would also give me time to decide on which camera. Thanks Aapo. If money was no obstacle, I'd be getting the Nikon Z6 as I THINK I really like the N-Log. I need something I can use in Resolve the same way I use my Blackmagic RAW files. By the way, I finally tested the 4K from the Canon M50. Wow what a fail. I don't mind the crop but the AF in that mode is a complete disaster. This is also why I don't want a GH5. It's interesting how many camera channels on Youtube use the GH5 or GH5s and they never seem to switch to anything else even though they title their videos to "Why I switched to Canon/Fuji/Nikon/Sony" etc. Like DSLRShooter. Does Panasonic still make you pay more for V-Log? Pfft. Another reason to stay away. @Tyler Purcell opinions?
  8. Thanks Aapo, the big twist will be if I end up choosing the A7III. It looks like the only cameras I'm able to buy through financing are the A7III, the Nikon D850. Of the Canons, only the 5D Mark IV and the 6D Mark II are available through financing, which are both jokes. They also have the A7RIII which is outdated. I'm disappointed that they won't allow me to finance the Nikon z6 or the Canon EOS R. So I clearly have much fewer options than I originally thought.
  9. I saw Stephen Eckert from FroKnowsPhoto recommending that Z6 as well. I'm actually very close to choosing it but I worry that the autofocus might not be that great for video.
  10. I think the last two years have been very confusing for camera buyers. The fact is that you can't really go wrong with almost any choice. But what I see happening is that a lot of offerings are crippled and so many otherwise awesome cameras are missing features. Canon cameras are the worst offender. My main requirement is 4K at 30fps (60fps would be even better), good color science and flawless AF. I don't really care for extreme lowlight performance and I guess I don't need a flippy screen since I have an external 5" monitor. Lack of IBIS is not a deal breaker as I can get a gymbal if I need to. And I think most of them do 4-2-2 with external.
  11. I like the image from the GH5 but Micro Four Thirds is on its way out. I think that by itself would be a good reason to stay away. I have a Metabones for my BMPCC and it's okay. But mostly the GH5 is a no due to no proper AF, which is the main reason I chose the cameras in my original post. To make things more confusing, Armando Ferreira just posted a video praising the Canon Eos R as a "baby C200" so I guess it's back in the running. Apparently the "soft 4k" is a thing that only happens in internal 8 bit, but if you use a Ninja 5 you get the right look.
  12. I'll post footage for certain once I choose! By the way, the Canon EOS R was a candidate at some point but everyone says it's too heavily crippled and that the 4K is too soft.
  13. Hi guys, I'm looking to buy a camera that will help me replicate this look: So far my choices are the Nikon Z6, the Fuji XT3 and the Sony A7III. All are priced just right. Unfortunately there is no Canon offering out there that isn't crippled, so I'm not going to be able to use my collection of EF lenses. But I'm ready to make the switch. I don't think I'll ever be able to save the amount needed to buy that C200, you guys know I've been talking about it for two years now and it's just not going to happen. I like Nikon, and Fuji made the ZC-1000 which is my favourite camera of all time. Sony is not really a camera company, but the show above was shot on Sony cameras. I'm not against the A7III but the idea of dealing with a Sony menu system is intimidating to an old guy like me, used to the simplicity of Blackmagic Design and Canon menus. Which one do you guys think would be the best to achieve that look? Thanks!
  14. The forum looks awful, is there any way to see it the way it used to be?
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