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  1. Hey any audio guys wanna jump in and let me know what sound fx they are using on here? The girl's voice sounds like it's the only thing in the universe. Noise reduction? Compressor?
  2. I feel being paralysed by the fear of not buying the right camera. In other words, I end up not doing anything because I can't make a decision on which camera to buy. I've been in this position for three years now and it's not fun. The Canon C200 still hasn't gone down in price. If I could shoot my project on my Canon EOS R I would do it.
  3. I think they think of it as mileage in a car, when it can't quite compare. I've been watching the prices for Canon C200 and C300 Mark II cameras for years and strangely enough I see the C300 Mk II drop in price a lot with higher hours, yet the C200 remains only moderately discounted.
  4. I'm trying to decide between the Ronin S or SC for my Canon EOS R. Thought I'd ask here first. Any opinions? Please keep in mind the RF 24-105 I intend to use is huge! Thanks in advance.
  5. Last March I got a Canon EOS R and I have used it mostly for still photography. I was wondering what accessories one would buy for using it for making films, like, what external recorder, etc. I have a SmallRig Cage for it and that's about it. I'd like to do some handheld and I'm not terribly impressed by the stabilisation. I own the kit zoom. I have yet to purchase a 70-200 2.8 because it's just really hard to decide which one to get now that the RF is out. My other cameras are all EF mount and I might actually add a BMPCC 6K to my collection for greenscreen work. So that's delaying my decision. The RF zoom seems to be superior. My B cam is the Canon M50. The only complaint I have with it is that there is no DPAF in 4K. I light with a couple of SL60W's since they were cheaper than the Aputure 120d and apparently just as good. Not sure what I would add to my light kit. Those lights are pretty strong! Anyway, open to suggestions on building out my EOS R kit for narrative fiction.
  6. C300 Mk II. Out of the box, you cannot get a usable image from a Sony.
  7. It looks like that button removes format from selected text, but doesn't actually compose the post in plain text. Here is how I got to this point. I quoted Tyler's post somewhere on this thread: On his original post he had a link to a vimeo video and when I quoted him, I was unable to remove the video. Highlighting the video and clicking remove format didn't affect it. Now I just noticed that my hyperlink on this very post turned into a preview of the post I'm referencing. And there doesn't seem to be a way around that. Interesting. Again "remove format" doesn't work on it. Hm...
  8. Hi Tim, I don't see it. This is what I see.
  9. Unfortunately no one can buy one at the moment or i would have. By the way, I meant to edit the Vimeo clip out of this quotem but I can't find a way to remove it. It would be nice to have the plain text option back
  10. Is it no longer possible to edit my posts in plain text?
  11. Coincidentally, I ran into a pair of documentary filmmakers at Seattle City Center yesterday, they were using of all things a Canon 80D. So yeah, I guess a lot of doc makers really don't care what it looks like.
  12. Pretty sure they all came back when they realised you can't get a usable image with a Sony.
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