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  1. I'll post footage for certain once I choose! By the way, the Canon EOS R was a candidate at some point but everyone says it's too heavily crippled and that the 4K is too soft.
  2. Hi guys, I'm looking to buy a camera that will help me replicate this look: So far my choices are the Nikon Z6, the Fuji XT3 and the Sony A7III. All are priced just right. Unfortunately there is no Canon offering out there that isn't crippled, so I'm not going to be able to use my collection of EF lenses. But I'm ready to make the switch. I don't think I'll ever be able to save the amount needed to buy that C200, you guys know I've been talking about it for two years now and it's just not going to happen. I like Nikon, and Fuji made the ZC-1000 which is my favourite camera of all time. Sony is not really a camera company, but the show above was shot on Sony cameras. I'm not against the A7III but the idea of dealing with a Sony menu system is intimidating to an old guy like me, used to the simplicity of Blackmagic Design and Canon menus. Which one do you guys think would be the best to achieve that look? Thanks!
  3. The forum looks awful, is there any way to see it the way it used to be?
  4. I actually have two of those and am selling the near-pristine one for $1000. Mostly because it's one of those cameras I don't really want to sell. ;-)
  5. Whoa, is this a fact?? My kids watch LIV AND MADDIE on Netflix and the video is choppy 99% of the time so that makes it hard to speculate the framerate. But, 59.94??? That's crazy! why?
  6. Thanks, Brian and Phil. I'm fairly sure our kids sticom project is more of a single-camera setup like what Robert Randall does with YAP. I just hope our product ends up looking better than YAP. Here's a sample YAP sitcom, it's shot on the Canon C200.
  7. Well for some reason the sky in THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE UGLY blu-ray is green.
  8. Thanks, looks like they were filming in 720p if Wikipedia is of any value. I wonder if it was shot at 24fps or if their standard is 30fps.
  9. Well we priced it low because the zoom was dirty inside, had fungus, and was going to need cleaning. Other than that I really think it was a great camera.
  10. I'm just going to save for the Canon C200. The truth is that the DPAF is key for a one-man crew.
  11. Actually I have no idea! Probably way more than we got the camera for. We bought it from the director of AFTER WALPURGIS NIGHT and he shot an impressive opening sequence with it. But I don't think we ever discussed how much he sunk into it, even though he did bring up the camera often in the FB Super 8 group. The guy who bought it from us got it at a bargain.
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