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HDV Analogue/FireWire Output


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Does anybody know if there`s a difference in quality between the analogue and firewire sony-hdv-camera output?

(is the analogue output before the hdv-compression-processing?)

Which is the better way:


1.analogue output>Aja-card>HD-SDI>Postproduction

2.firewire output>lumiere/connect HD...>Postproduction

3.firewire output>miranda hdbridge>HD-SDI> Postproduction


best regards, steffen.

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Not sure what difference there would be between the analogue out and the firewire (definitely worth a test) but do note that VTR tape control is only available by firewire. So if you wanted to use the camera as a playback deck (or indeed the HDV playback deck itself) you will need the HD Connect to do firewire to RS422, assuming you need that connection for your post tools. A NAB, the miranda box only did video/audio - not control.


Alternatively, you could just copy all your rushes "wild" to another format with new time-code.


David Cox

Baraka Post Production


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