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Panasonic AG-DVX200

Mario Bosanac

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Hi all,

So I’m working with a Panasonic 4K res AG-DVX200 camera for a show (shooting on to a stage of live dancers). The issue I’m having is the backdrop is white and slightly reflective. Even with zebra stripes on to try to maintain proper exposure, I’m still having trouble keeping proper exposure on dancer’s faces. What do you recommend? The lights color temp has to stay the same which is around 4750k and same with camera. What can I do on camera side to help facilitate this? I’m usually between a f/6 & f8 and need to stay in-between there.

My co-worker was asking me for suggestions and suggesting possibly a LUT? Would this solve this problem? I will get a freeze frame from the Samurai Blade this weekend. Maybe that'll help. Let me know if you need any other info.

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A LUT is simply a means of color grading or correction, it will not help much with the original exposure.


It sounds as if the background is over-exposed compared to the front lighting. The reality is, unless you can find a way to either dim the back light, or add more front lighting, it's not going to look correct. Camera's don't have anywhere near a humans level of exposure control - so what looks good or acceptable to us is probably not good enough for the camera.


IF you can do a session where you are recording them without an audience, you need to adjust the back-lighting or bounce more light to the foreground.

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yes it's the background overexposure that's the problem. When I shot again this weekend I ended up shooting at a f/16 and my zebra stripes didn't show anything so it was an improvement. If I have issues again I'll talk to the lighting tech. Thanks!

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