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For Sale: 2-Perf Arri 2C IIC Techniscope "Sergio Leone" Camera Package WITH LENS! (See VIDEO)

Samuel Berger

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Up for sale is this completely serviced Techniscope Arri 2C camera. Sergio Leone made his first Spaghetti Westerns with one of these. 2-Perf will save you a lot of money in the long run. Your rolls of film will last twice as long!


This one is built like a tank, with modern gears and a perfect 24fps motor and matte box. And guess what? It has a hard PL mount which means you can adapt modern lenses to it.


The very bright custom viewfinder has a ground glass marked for both Techniscope and 1.78:1 aspect ratios. Techniscope is hot now due to DI technology and finer film grain.


Flat base, an orientable viewfinder, a hinged door and matte box /rod system. All custom additions made at Aranda Film. Anyone who knows Bruce McNaughton's fine work knows he's recently posted here about moving away from making these brilliant modifications.


I spent a lot on this but now due to unexpected circumstances I must sell it. Will include 58mm lens, 16V battery, matte box system with rods, and two 400ft magazines


It is a practically free camera in that you are paying about as much as it would cost to modify one. My loss is your gain. Payment through PayPal only. See price on my sister's eBay store:
















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