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Venice test at IMAGO

Alfonso Parra

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Dear colleagues, you can already download from the IMAGO page the test we carried out with the Venice camera, SIGMA, LEICA and Kowa anamorphic lenses.
I hope that will be interest of you.
Best regards
Alfonso Parra AEC, ADFC
Tel Spain 34 639109309
Tel Colombia 57 311 5798776

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Now, you can download Venice test in Spanish at ADFC web site

Ahora se puede descargar en Español el test de la cámara Venice que realizo Alfonso Parra ADFC, desde la web de la ADFC.

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Hello Alfonso

Love the footage you made with the Sony Venice, beautiful country to shoot a test!

So you shot everything in 4K 17:9 resolution in RAW with the separate recorder with the Leica and Sigma prime lenses. With the Kowa's you shot in 4K 4:3 mode, but then you couldn't go wider than 50mm, as 40mm would vignette?





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