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What type of light is this on Nicki Minaj?

Roger Alexander

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basically any moving head profile or spot. Varilite / MAC are nicknames and also models but like you said - it's a stage light. Philips Vair-Lite makes about a dozen units that would do that as do Martin in their Mac line. Basically all moving spots have color wheels and beam effect gobos built-in so creating that effect would be almost instant. Bigger/heavier/more expensive moving profiles will have a lot more features like controllable beam shutters (like the framing shutters on a leko) and also many more gobos. BUT for a simple effect like that, basically every entertainment moving spot is loaded with at least 6x interesting beam effect gobos.


That appears to be the "pebbles" gobo in a Varilite. Wheel 2 (fixed non-rotating). See which VL's your local rental house has, know for sure anything past the VL2K has that gobo. BUT even other brands will have something similar - it's a super basic breakup gobo meant to be seen as beams in haze. Any dot/spot pattern will give that effect.

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