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Exchange of experiences with the Varicam 35?

Axel Rothe

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Hey Guys and Gals,


I've been working with the Varicam 35 for some time and have gathered a lot of experiences shooting commercials with this camera.


I've been perusing this section of the forum and noticed a lack of actual user experiences. Panasonics marketing isn't also exactly stellar. I'd be happy to share my experiences with you.


I'll do a quick overview:


The Varicam 35 is a 4K Digital Cinema Camera, with a Super 35 Sensor, it shoots 12bit 444 AVCUltra at 30fps. 10bit 422 at up to 60fps and 200fps at 2K Resolution. I've shot with RED, Arri and Sony Digital Cinema Cameras and have found the Varicams sensor to deliver a very neutral, but detail rich image. Working with it in post has been a smooth ride so far. The AVCUltra Codec is however a rather CPU intensive codec. Skin tones are great and very well separated. As a colorist, I prefer them over REDs skin tones. Since they seldom need any adjustments.


The 5000 ISO is pretty nifty. I don't use it very often, but every now and then it has saved production money or made things otherwise impossible possible. i.e. using a 1,8KW HMI instead of a 8K HMI at night. Or shooting with nothing but a string of fairy lights and still needing to stop down.


I've been using the live grading features of this camera to create previews for clients and directors on set using LiveGrade Pro. It's great as the camera saves a LUT for every clip and the Proxies are created with the LUT burned in. So no need for offsite Dailies.


If I'm not mistaken the 35 and LT have been used on quite a few Netflix Originals.




Do you have any particular questions regarding the camera or the workflow?




Some Stills from my work with this camera:









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