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Who, What, Where? Low budget feature in unfamiliar state/territory

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Hey folks, been lurking around here for little over a year now.

This is my first post looking for insight, not sure if this fits here or should be elsewhere.


I'll be shooting on a really low budget (~25k) feature in Mississippi this fall.

I'm located and have been working primarily in Arizona, and neighboring states here and there.

We are looking for a camera package and naturally, we don't have the money to pay full rate or even half rate.


I'm not expecting to shoot on anything high end. I would just like to put together a reliable package that is able to produce the images I'm looking for.


Who/Where is around Ms/La for camera rentals?

What can I do (as dp) to get a package with the budget restrictions?

Also is there any benefit in trying to acquire a g&e package through the same place?

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