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Letus Helix for sale - UK -

Matt Rozier

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Letus Helix 3 Axis Gimbal for sale - £1100 - more pictures can be seen on ebay link - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/142935758057?ul_noapp=true

Gimbal is in good condition - selling purely down to lack of use.

Comes with the following

Letus 3 axis gimbal - original alumnium
Three batteries
Two chargers
Helix custom carry case (very similar to a pelicase)
Helix Heavy duty camera plate - perfect for larger cameras - reds/alexas/sony/blackmagic ursa minis etc
Deloitte mount - so handy for mounting to tripods or other fixed mounts.
Helix 4th Axis Bracket - this makes it possible to mount the helix onto a steadicam arm or easyrig setup for taking out any up and down movement on the 4th axis
4th Axis bearing kit
Helix 4th Axis spacer - this is great for mounting the gimbal on a steadicam arm to take out any bounce - I'm also selling the steadicam and arm that fits this - so let me know if you're interested in buying that too (£450)
Helix Top Handle - really handy for using it with an easyrig setup
D-tap to 2 pin cable
Helix 2 pin to D-tap splitter
Thumb controller
A custom made Helix to Alexa minipower cable
A Helix to 6 pin Red power cable
This all weighs around 15kg and would need to insured, so although I can definitely post it may be cheaper if you can collect or alternatively I work in London and around the UK a lot so it might be possible to meet you somewhere to drop it off.

Any questions just let me know matt@mattrozier.com


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