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  1. Thanks all, Thanks for your thoughts all - yeah it’s the moving side b cam I’m talking about robin - I love that aesthetic. Its exactly these sorts of shots I think give the kinds of kinetic energy I’m looking for. Im not looking to mix slider with static, I’m just wondering really if people have had success mixing a handheld cu cam (perhaps shooting from a variety of angles - moving between questions) with a static mid shot - sometimes I’m working solo - so having two handheld cameras isn’t always possible. If you’ve seen any examples which work great - or even
  2. Yeah it's an interesting one, I think I'm always worried that going from a nice organic handheld roving CU to a static mid or wide might feel clunky, but I'd love to see some examples which cut together really well.
  3. Just wondering how you guys n girls have gotten on with interview situations where there’s both a fixed camera and a moving camera - have you made or seen many situations where you think this has cut well together? If so, would you care to share a link? Or do you find that there’s an energy drop when cutting to the static cam? It’s something I’ve thought about a lot and I’m just wondering whether anyone has had similar thoughts or advice. I tend to keep things consistent where poss (ie move both cameras or keep both cams static) but it’d be great to hear how you’ve mixed it up and to see ho
  4. How about a mirror? If you mount a large Perspex mirror to a goalpost rig, you can angle it to get the exact shot you need. Plus from the ground you’ll have much more control over the cam. Not sure if it’ll work with what you need, but just a suggestion.
  5. Thanks Phil ! That's all really useful info !! Wow 1350W of LED power is huge ! You should market it ! The Photon Beard is a really interesting option too - I wasn't aware of that, so I'll check it out :-) Thanks again Phil - really appreciate your help :-)
  6. Hi Phil ! Man that advice is golddust, I'm in High Wycombe, so just on the outskirts of London. And I'm having exactly the problem you state with renting. Oftentimes I'm just renting one or two things - so it can get quite complicated with drop off and pick up times etc. I've got a few lights (tungsten and LEDs) which I get by on in most situations, but every so often I need something with a bit more juice. I was looking at the Chinese 1.2k HMIs and the Chinese M18 knock offs. I'd mainly be using it as an exterior source but I also do a lot of music stuff too and it'd be handy to be
  7. Thanks Phil! So you found that when you shot 100fps there was def flicker? I'm just weighing up the options of buying an older but western made HMI with a magnetic ballast or a Chinese copy with an electric ballast. I only really tend to shoot at 25 and 50fps and am based in the UK, so no need for unusual frame rates but I've just heard that I may get flicker at 50p. It sounds like I may be safer going the chinese copy route. Renting is fine, but there's periods on lower budget stuff where that isn't always possible and buying a genuine arri with electric ballast is out of my price ra
  8. Hey everyone, I'm wondering if I were to use a 1.2k HMI with a magnetic ballast in the UK on wall power (50hz) - if keeping my shutter angle at 180, will I get flicker at 50fps or 100fps or is it only likely to happen when I move off these frame rates? I know magnetic ballasts can be a little more finicky for flicker.
  9. Letus Helix 3 Axis Gimbal for sale - £1100 - more pictures can be seen on ebay link - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/142935758057?ul_noapp=true Gimbal is in good condition - selling purely down to lack of use. Comes with the following Letus 3 axis gimbal - original alumnium Three batteries Two chargers Helix custom carry case (very similar to a pelicase) Helix Heavy duty camera plate - perfect for larger cameras - reds/alexas/sony/blackmagic ursa minis etc Deloitte mount - so handy for mounting to tripods or other fixed mounts. Helix 4th Axis Bracket - this makes it possible to mount the he
  10. David it's brilliant to get your advice on that - absolutely love that shot ! (and actually so much of your approach in that film) lovely stuff.
  11. Hi guys n girls, I've a shoot coming up where I'm looking to create a look similar to these sorts of shots, something that feels very unlit, but with nice soft light, and just wanted to throw it out to the group to see whether there was any great suggestions for how to achieve this kind of look or whether anyone had any thoughts as to pitfalls I should be aware of. We'll be shooting on the Alexa on Cooke Anamorphics, and I'm planning on using plenty of haze (settled so that we're not seeing the movement of it), then using motivated window light (either natural light or HMIs), alongside a bo
  12. Hi JD thanks for your reply :-) - I'm just wondering if I need more juice when I'm shooting in a 3200 environment. I think the large pancake can take an 800 joker? (can it take any other HMI fixtures that you know of?) which is equivalent to maybe 4k of tungsten light? Which is great in a 5600 environment. But once I gelled it down for 3200 I'd lose half of that - so i'd be looking at being back at around 2k of tungsten light. Then once it goes through the chimera fabric I'd be losing some more. I'm just wondering if I could get more kick out of it - instead of introducing a second
  13. Hi everyone, I've not seen this question come up, but just wondering if this may work? I'm going to be shooting in a situation where I'd be looking to use a single jemball or chimera pancake - which obviously has a limitation to the amount of light that it can put out. If I needed to raise the level of the ball, if I pointed a source 4 at it, would there be any reason why that wouldn't work? I'm wondering whether you'd get keep diffuse light from the actual bulb as well as get the bounced light from the source 4 (a source 4 as the spill is more controllable?). Any thoughts why in
  14. Thanks Mark ! Good call on the s16 mode - any particular s16 superzoom you'd recommend? I think they're pretty set on shooting on the Alexa mini - lots of complicated reasons, it's being used double duty for another back to back shoot etc. plus this video has two very different looks - but we've a few days of prep before the shoot (I'm flying in from the UK) so perhaps I can ask a rental house if they'd mind us shooting a couple of tests at their base and we could take it from there. Thanks for those suggestions Mark - really appreciate your reply! :-) Matt
  15. Hi David ! (you're an absolute legend!) Thanks for your reply - yep you're right, that example is a very recent video - it was just sent to me as something that the director liked the look of. I've not used nets before, but perhaps it's something I should explore more - do you think something like Glimmerglass could get me close? or is netting really the only way? My main concern is inconsistency in the tension of the net giving me looks which don't cut easily - or am I worrying about that for no reason? I'll definitely test the filters on the long and short end - thanks for the
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