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Trying to decide between a set of 8 Astera AX-1 tubes and 4 Titan Tubes

Roman Alaivi

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I'm in the process of placing an order with an Astera distributor for a new set of 8 Titan tubes, but.. this would be split between me and my partner. The cost of 8 * AX-1 tubes with a charging case, and the wireless DMX module is pretty close to what half of the same kit costs with the Titans.


I'm wondering, would 4 Titan tubes (this is what I'd usually have unless a prior arrangement was made) with a noticeable increase in output / brightness be better than owning 8 of the AX-1s?

I primarily shoot narrative / scripted shorts and once in a while a tiny feature. I love my Quasar that I currently have but I'm trying to reason what's the better purchase here. Are there enough advantages to the Titan tubes to go with 4 tubes at any given moment rather than 8 noticeably less powerful tubes?

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Have you read the tech specs and differences between the tubes? I would start there.


The Titans are the same thing as the AX-1 but much better. They are about double the cost but you have to decide what works better for you and your jobs.


From what I understand it probably has color, longer battery life, and a display that you can scroll through a bunch of the manufacturers colors like the sky panel. The AX-1 doesn't have that. They weren't originally built for film and TV. You can also set DMX numbers. It has a different cabling and power system if you are using wired DMX. They have a variety of cabling lengths available. You mentioned wireless DMX module. What is that? the Asteras can work wirelessly the app and with cintennas and wdmx. I have only had the titans in my hands once in an equipment house a few weeks ago and not on set. It is a very hot light to have if you have people around you are wowed by the latest and greatest.


Before you invest in them, maybe you should just rent them and see if you like them. Also they won't be worth buying is you can't rent them to your clients.


They are great lights for certain things. But there are many things the cheaper ones will work just fine.





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