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Short shot on HVR-Z1U

Michael Morlan

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I posted this at the end of that really long "post your setup" thread in the "Lighting" section but thought it might be useful here as well.


"Post Your Setup" thread (at end of page)


My first experience with the Sony HVR-Z1U HDV camera. I measured the Z1U at 125ASA with my choice of creative settings so this camera needs a bit more light than most pro-sumer video cameras.


"Quest" is a speculative excerpt from a feature script. Director, Tim Caswell, designed and built a set with an eye to manipulating the image in post. With input from me he added surrounding light panels to provide a means to light the set from "practicals." Careful blocking and continuous tuning with scrims and nets further refined the practical keys. Every close-up involved additional talent modeling with soft-box and hair lights.


Post-pro grading and manipulation further refined the image to achieve the director's desired look.


Here are some low-rez frames after creative grading:






A lighting diagram and full-rez, camera-original, best-color, and creative-grading frames can be found on my web site:


Here's a reflected-light chart of the best-color image as inspired by those on the Kodak site.



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