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Daniele Perrone

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Posted Today, 05:48 PM


Hello everyone,

I am very fascinated by the anamorphic lenses and the effect obtained with them. Looking on the internet for a lens that would not cost too much I found a person who sells an anamorphic projection lens. The lens is an Optical Iper16 2x Anamorphic, I do not know if any of you own it or know it. I would like to use the lens with a Canon 518 AutoZoom and I wanted to ask you: Is it possible to use this lens with my Canon 518? What kind of adapters should I take to fix the anamorphic lens on the camera lens?

This is the link forse the Image of the lens: https://www.google.com/search?q=optical+anamorphic+iper+16&client=ms-android-xiaomi-rev1&tbm=isch&prmd=sinv&source=lnms&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiY4cG06e3fAhVC3RoKHX4mBr0Q_AUIECgC#imgrc=b-12YfnxFQr0dM&imgdii=q-i_a1AxHWdY1M

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There are some very affordable Russian era made LOMO anamorphic lenses on eBay. Figure about $150 to $180 in US Dollars for a lens equivalent to the KOWA and SANKOR type lenses with 2x compression ratio. Most any lens you find today will be coated or multicoated, compared some of the very basic ones that were made in the 1950s as anamorphic lens use was becoming popular in a segment of amateur film making. The IPER 16 2x is from the Russian lens made era, and they are very good. The cured or conical faced ones on the front are the earlier models versus the flat front with ribbed focusing lenses made later. Both types work well and were used in Soviet era cinema in all former eastern bloc countries. Most of the 2x anamorphic lenses available are what is considered projection lenses. However, they can be used quite well, albeit their limitations, for filming. Limitations are the longer lens barrel length that forces you to have to use a longer focal length on the camera to film thru without obtaining vignetting (actually filming the lens barrel insides). Typical minimum focal length will be approximately 20mm on your CANON 518, thus actually a 10mm focal length equivalent on the wide horizontal axis, so still pretty good.

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