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Hey y'all. Currently I am working on a Cine Lens Database to be able to provide free lens "data points" to the public. There's a lot of great information out there and the best DBs I found where these.






Right now most of my work is filling in the gaps of Richard Bradbury's DB. It looks like not much has been updated in it since 2011. I reached out to him and cinelensdb.com, but no one got back if they were interested in continuing to update their projects.


Currently I think it is a really good idea to attach these lenses with their respected "tech sheets" or "product brochures" in the excel I'm working on.


Right now I need help finding the number of iris blades in the Ultra 16 set, as well as the entrance pupil sizes. I have linked the ARRI Ultra 16 Technical Details for all whom would like them. I have reached out to Zeiss, whom told me to contact ARRI for the missing data. I then reached out to ARRI, who told me to reach out to Zeiss. I'm thinking about reaching out to some lens servicing companies for the remaining data, however I think that might be a waste of time for a skilled technician to answer my email. Let me know what you think. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME!!!!

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