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Medicos Del Mundo - Directed by Borja Larrondo

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Sometimes you stumble upon projects that are really really rewarding and where you can express yourself as an artist.


Médicos Del Mundo is one of them.


Chema Sayago, a producer friend of mine, gave me a call one day and asked me if I was available to shoot a project for a NGO with no money.

I obviously said yes.


He told me that the director was going to be Borja Larrondo, whom I didn't know at the time.

I was a bit nervous about that because he is a really good director, amazing photographer, has everything super clear and his work is always extremely impressive.


On top of that he has a couple of awards like a Lion from Cannes and a Clio.. so nothing big haha!


Anyways! We met through a Skype call and we connected straight away.. he is such a humble person! and super open to ideas from collaborators! It was like if I had been talking to a friend of mine whom I had known since we were kids!


Hence, I took the first plane on that day from Dublin to Madrid and we started doing our location scouting on the following day.


We had 10 locations to shoot in just 1 day (12 hours) so we went to the locations a couple of times before the shooting day to make sure that we knew what we wanted to do, how we wanted to do it and what kind of things we could improvise.


That prep time was fundamental for us to be able to shoot that fast.


At some point we started to think that it would be interesting to mix formats and create the sense of despair and loneliness through different shots of the locations, in 35mm in order to get a rougher image than the one that the Alexa was going to give us.


And we shot on 35mm too! which added a bit of pressure (as if we didn't have any!) to our schedule... mainly because it had to be edited and graded 3 days after the shooting day and as there was a weekend in between the cost of processing and scanning in Cinelab was astronomic for our production, so we decided to not process the film during the weekend and wait for them to process it during the week.


They edited the project leaving empty spaces for the 35mm shots and the producers convinced the client to wait for those shots because they were going to make the project way better.. and when the shots came in Borja chose the ones that he liked, Nuria (our editor) inserted them and I went to the colour grading place for 15 minutes to make sure that they looked exactly as we wanted them to look.


I've to say that all the team behind the project was really supportive of all our ideas, from the producers to the client and the crew. All spectacular!


The companies which supported this endeavour were fantastic as well so thanks to everybody!


The Director's Cut has English subtitles and a different music, coming from Nicolas Jaar, who let us use one of his songs.

The Client version doesn't have English subtitles and has a lot of 35mm stuff.


I think that both are very good!



Medicos Del Mundo - Director's Cut - English Subtitles


Medicos Del Mundo





We shot on Alexa Mini and Arricam LT + Leica Summilux and Kodak Vision 3 5219 pushed 1 stop.

Colour graded by Noemi Lallave in El Colorado (Madrid)



I hope you like it!


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I was working last Sunday and the producer came to me and told me that I had gotten an award for the piece we have done together, Médicos Del Mundo!!!

Craft - Silver - Cinematography at the CDC 2019 (Club De Creativos) in Spain!!!

To put things in perspective, the CDC is like the British Arrows but in Spain ?

I didn't even know that that was a thing ? and definitely didn't know that they gave a cinematography award so it was totally unexpected. It is the only Award they gave this year in cinematography and if you take a look at the nominees.. I just can't believe that they picked Médicos Del Mundo over the super impressive and expensive commercials that were up for the award! 


I'm super happy!!!

Have a lovely day!!

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