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  1. Medicos Del Mundo is shortlisted for a Cannes Lions award in the category of Health!!!! 🤗🤗
  2. Thanks Robin! 🙂 Thanks so much Phil! 🙂 You could be right about people thinking that they don't have the resources that they need but you make things work eventually! I know that the UK average low budget commercial is around €90K / day.. that is a medium - high budget commercial in Spain 😂and we definitely don't have those budgets in Ireland at all. I would love to know the average budget for US commercials!!
  3. I got a nomination for Craft - Best Cinematography at the Institute of Creative Advertising and Design (ICAD) in Ireland for this commercial! It also got a nomination for Craft - Direction so I'm sure that Ian is extremely happy as well! https://www.icad.ie/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Commendations_Posters.pdf I'm all over the moon!!!! 🙂
  4. Looks good Stephen! Would you be able to share the Vimeo link whenever you have it online? Would love to see it in movement as the grain in the stills looks fabulous. Have a lovely day!
  5. Hi Kevin, I shot at 4K, that's correct, no need for full frame, it would have been nice but our budget didn't allow for anything else than Super 35 lenses. Have a lovely day. Best.
  6. Frances Kearney http://www.franceskearney.com Spectacular!
  7. I was working last Sunday and the producer came to me and told me that I had gotten an award for the piece we have done together, Médicos Del Mundo!!! Craft - Silver - Cinematography at the CDC 2019 (Club De Creativos) in Spain!!! To put things in perspective, the CDC is like the British Arrows but in Spain 🙂 I didn't even know that that was a thing 😄 and definitely didn't know that they gave a cinematography award so it was totally unexpected. It is the only Award they gave this year in cinematography and if you take a look at the nominees.. I just can't believe that they picked Médicos Del Mundo over the super impressive and expensive commercials that were up for the award! https://www.clubdecreativos.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/PALMARES-2019.pdf I'm super happy!!! Have a lovely day!!
  8. Joel Meyerowitz https://www.joelmeyerowitz.com Such a beautiful use of colour. https://culturainquieta.com/es/foto/item/12145-joel-mayerowitz-el-fotografo-que-capturaba-la-vida.html
  9. Cédric Viollet https://www.leica-camera.blog/2019/03/25/eastern-exposures/?linkId=100000005546054&fbclid=IwAR220nAmevY6MTGlqfZui6Tt0oXY6UfcnSUxUwVd_pCn_Wl7D40hHdAb4cM Absolutely beautiful work! 😍
  10. Beautiful movie, saw it in cinemas at home. Piers' work is marvellous!!! He is a member of this forum so maybe he can chime in!! @Piers McGrail!! 🙂 Have a lovely day!
  11. Schneider Kreuznach Cine Xenon Vintage lenses, specially the 28mm. It is, probably, one of the lightest lenses out there that you could buy, I owned a set many years ago and I loved them.. and I just found the one below on ebay! https://www.ebay.es/itm/Objetivo-Schneider-Kreuznach-Cine-Xenon-28mm-f2-/323537156089 Have a lovely day.
  12. I also discovered a photographer called Tex Bishop. Quite interesting. Tex Bishop http://lenscratch.com/2018/01/tex-bishop/ https://www.texvbishop.com
  13. I found some very interesting photographers while doing a bit of a research for a project. They are similar to Martin Parr, so if you like Parr's photography, I'm sure that you'll like these ones as well. Lars Tunbjörk https://galerievu.com/series.php?id_photographe=27 Peter Dench http://www.peterdench.com https://www.flickr.com/photos/denchdiary/ Otto Snoek http://www.ottosnoek.com Have a lovely day!
  14. I would add Mr. Yorick Le Saux. I remember the very first time that I saw Carlos: The Jackal, it was like looking at a cinematography masterclass in each sequence. And well.. "I Am Love".. 😍 Yorick Le Saux https://www.imagepartnership.com/dops/yoricklesaux Have a good day!
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