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  1. Schneider Kreuznach Cine Xenon Vintage lenses, specially the 28mm. It is, probably, one of the lightest lenses out there that you could buy, I owned a set many years ago and I loved them.. and I just found the one below on ebay! https://www.ebay.es/itm/Objetivo-Schneider-Kreuznach-Cine-Xenon-28mm-f2-/323537156089 Have a lovely day.
  2. I also discovered a photographer called Tex Bishop. Quite interesting. Tex Bishop http://lenscratch.com/2018/01/tex-bishop/ https://www.texvbishop.com
  3. I found some very interesting photographers while doing a bit of a research for a project. They are similar to Martin Parr, so if you like Parr's photography, I'm sure that you'll like these ones as well. Lars Tunbjörk https://galerievu.com/series.php?id_photographe=27 Peter Dench http://www.peterdench.com https://www.flickr.com/photos/denchdiary/ Otto Snoek http://www.ottosnoek.com Have a lovely day!
  4. I would add Mr. Yorick Le Saux. I remember the very first time that I saw Carlos: The Jackal, it was like looking at a cinematography masterclass in each sequence. And well.. "I Am Love".. 😍 Yorick Le Saux https://www.imagepartnership.com/dops/yoricklesaux Have a good day!
  5. The digital magazine called Mache Digital has published a little article about Medicos Del Mundo where I talk a bit about my work on it. https://www.mache.digital/video-features/2019/2/19/medicos-del-mundo Have a lovely day!!
  6. Hi Ryan! All of it was hand-held and I only used the easyrig in one shot (the one of the kid looking at the flowers) because the flower pot was in between the kid and myself and I couldn't hold the camera at that height without the easyrig! Other than that, everything was either on my shoulder or just grabbing the camera by the handle (which I tend to do quite a lot nowadays). The Venice is very compact and even though it is pretty solid, it is very well balanced while on the shoulder. In fact, it is much better balanced than an Alexa Mini or any other Alexas. Have a lovey day!
  7. Thanks Robin! :) :) Many thanks Patrick! The red glow was done by using a 1K with Storaro Red on a dimmer thrown into a rotating prism covered by mirrors. As the light from the mirrors was too hard I used a frame of 216 or 251 (I don't remember which one now) to soften the light a bit :) Hope it helps! Have a lovely day!
  8. The award gala was last night... And I got the award! Best Emerging Cinematographer at the EDA awards in Ireland for The Tattoo and ESB!!!! Can't believe it!!! I couldn't pick up the award though because I was on a plane on my way to Madrid to start working on a short-film that I'm shooting this weekend.. but a friend of mine did! :) I'll post a photo when I pick it up! :) Next step.. ISC (Irish Society of Cinematographers) after my name! Although I think that that is going to take, at least, another 10 years :D :D Have a lovely day!!!
  9. I used it the other day in two really small commercials and I wanted to share my Venice experience First of all, I have to say that it took me a while to get used to the extremely clean look of the image. After many years looking through the viewfinder of an Alexa looking at the image that the Venice offers to you is quite a shock! Specially in my case because I'm used to shooting with the Alexa at 3200ASA ha! so seeing a nice, clean image was like: WOW! For starters the viewfinder is, probably, the best I've looked through in digital times (the EVF2 from the LF is not as good as the Venice one.. although it is quite an improvement from the EVF1) The shock that I got was probably because of the lenses, I used a set of Cooke S2s because those were the only ones that the rental house had available at the time. I don't really like the S2s or S4 lenses but they worked fine. Homestore + More - Home (Dad) Homestore + More - Home (Daughter) I shot with it at 2500ASA and also at 500ASA. I was extremely pleased at how the camera worked and the way it is designed, I had wanted to use it on the field for a while and it lived up to the expectations. For what is worth, I think that I prefer the texture from the images at 2500ASA and it is probably a camera that I'd love to underexpose a lot (this one was not the right project to underexpose the image unfortunately!) because there is a LOT of information in the shadows, as in.. infinite information :D, more than what I'm used to having anyways. I was going to use it during the next weekend for a short-film but unfortunately they don't have it available. I'm going to go to Madrid soon and I think that I'm going to get the camera out for a day / night to see what it can really do, coupled with the right lenses, it has to give beautiful results. Have a lovely day!
  10. Quite impressive images from Duran Levinson. Duran Levinson https://www.duranlevinson.com
  11. Here is the whole short-film just in case somebody wants to watch it! :) 16 minutes long! The Tattoo https://vimeo.com/242408368 Pass TheTattoo Questions and comments are super welcome as always! :) Have a lovely day!
  12. Thanks Robin!!! :) I thought that I had put a link with a password over here but I didn't so I'm going to fix that! ;) Many thanks Dom!! Thaaaanks Mark!!! :) :)
  13. Just got a nomination for Best Emerging Cinematographer in the Emerging Director Awards (EDA) 2019 in Ireland for my work on The Tattoo and on the ESB commercial!! Best Emerging Cinematographer 2019 Awards will be given next Wednesday.. and competition is super fierce so I don't think that I have a chance but it is super nice to get a nomination in a foreign country where I started my career as a cinematographer 2 years ago!!! :) Have a lovely day!
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