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  1. I do Yoga 2 days a week and Crossfit 4 or 5 times a week. And when I'm on holidays or off I surf and paddleboard. Your usual Crossfit class or Yoga class is 1 hour and everybody has 1 hour to spare in their lives, and when you are experienced enough you can just do the workouts, which are, typically from 15 to 30 minutes. I stretch for 10 minutes before I start a shooting day and if I'm shooting in a place where I don't have a gym to go to and is in the middle of nowhere I do a small workout routine which is: 50-40-30-20-10 (descending) Double unders Sit ups Squats Burpees And I finish with a 2 minutes plank or a small 10 minutes Yoga video from youtube. I believe that camera operating is all about your core strength, flexibility and a good back! Specially if you do a lot of hand-held. Also, from time to time it is good to go to a physiotherapist.. and on top of that having a good balanced diet and being fit helps! 😉 Have a lovely day.
  2. Shallow Grave is amazing! If I remember correctly Rodrigo Cortes had 2 or 3 coffins made and they changed them back and forth depending on the shot they were going to do. They also shot in 15 days or something like that.. which is quite understandable.
  3. Did you know that there is no identical shot in that movie? It is something that Rodrigo Cortes and Edu Grau were very adamant about, since they were confined in a really tiny place they wanted to make the most out of it and they decided that they weren't going to repeat any shots. Taking into consideration that Rodrigo Cortes is one of the cleverest directors in Spain, there wouldn't have been a movie without an A-list talent because he always had Ryan Reynolds in mind and he wasn't going to have a no as an answer.
  4. Meanwhile in Ireland the working hours are 9 with running buffet or 10 + 1. In Spain for commercials is between 12 + 1 or 14 +1 although there are many production companies which cramp 17 hours in a day. Have a good day.
  5. @Justin Hayward I think that it is a pretty common effect in either movies, commercials or tv series in Europe. From the top of my head I can remember Penny Dreadful, Game Of Thrones, Vikings and many others which do that to recreate sun light. There is a movie that I love and I always use as a reference called "Cafe De Fiore" that uses simulated sunlight really well. And here are some commercials that use it really well, especially the first one. For the Velux one all the simulated sunlight are 24Ks far away.
  6. I have a question here David, I hope that you don't mind answering it. Why is there a loss in saturation when duping? Wouldn't be a duplicate from the original a perfect duplicate with all its values untouched? Thanks! 😊
  7. Monos Alejandro Landes and Jasper Wolf bring us a really good story about a group of "guerrilleros" teens who have to make sure that a Doctor doesn't escape the camp they are based on. Really subtle and with powerful acting, the movie is one of those visual feasts because every single frame is wonderful. Go and watch it if you haven't yet! Have a lovely day.
  8. Pues todavía no. Cuando lo tenga te lo envío. ¡Un abrazo!
  9. Yeap!!! He was the teacher on a course that I did on cinematography many years ago down in Listowel, Kerry, where he is from. I'm sure that he hasn't forgotten about me because we had a bit of a misunderstanding on Black Promist filters! 😄 (Hopefully he has forgotten that? Ha!) He was actually the one who pushed me to become a cinematographer and shoot things instead of working as a 2nd unit dop (if that makes sense) even though he might have not realised that at the time he was very encouraging and a really good teacher. On top of that, he was the dop on Vikings when I was one of the 2nd acs on it! Definitely one of the best cinematographers I have had the privilege of working with.
  10. You can use a clip-on mattebox and you can use the 19mm lens support with a 15mm reduction ring in the 15mm bars. The camera rental house should have those, or your assistant camera people. Have a good day.
  11. That would make your life (and your hand-held operating skills) easier, it is a setup that I've used multiple times. You will still need a support for the zoom but it can be a 15mm support and you can use a clip-on mattebox. Have a lovely day.
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