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  1. It is absolutely beautiful Giray! Film is definitely a wonderful medium!
  2. There is something that you might consider using if you need 0 drops of rain in your lens, a sprayoff / rain deflector. http://www.schulz-camerasupport.com/sprayoff_overview.php Have a lovely day.
  3. I got a nomination for Best Cinematography for The Tattoo at the Kinsale Shark Awards in Ireland!!! :) https://kinsalesharks.awardsengine.com/shortlist Fingers crossed!! Although the other competitors are really really good!!!
  4. Nial McDiarmid www.faroutmagazine.co.uk/photographs-south-london-before-gentrification/
  5. Thanks John! I was thinking that they could be either the C series or the B series. Ooohh that's a pity but I suppose that that was the trend back then! :)
  6. Second trailer is out!! It is amazing!!! Congrats @Jarin Blaschke!! :) Hopefully you convince A24 to make some prints and they send one to us in the UK 🤞 Looking forward to watching it!
  7. Quite interesting observations from Roger Deakins and Rachel Morrison about finding jobs that fit within their vision. https://www.indiewire.com/2019/09/roger-deakins-rachel-morrison-top-cinematographers-miss-studio-dramas-1202172259/ Best.
  8. David, would you happen to know what lenses were used on The Long Goodbye? Maybe they are mentioned in the March issue of the 1973 American Cinematographer that discusses the movie and you happen to have it? Thanks so much! Have a lovely day!
  9. The Mandalorian Well, there is only one word: AMAZING!
  10. Hi Zahi! Have you taken a look at EFTI in Madrid? https://efti.es/master-de-fotografia/master-internacional-en-direccion-de-fotografia-en-cine Also, the best film school in Spain offers Masters in different subjects and one of them is cinematography, I think that they almost start from scratch in terms of lighting. https://escac.com/en/education/course-guide/ Now, there is a course in Kerry, Ireland, from time to time that is taught by Mo Flam and is similar to the Maine Workshop, only it costs €350 / €400!! it runs for a week and is a great great place! The Dawn Workshops at the Kerry College https://www.facebook.com/TheDawnWorkshops/ Have a lovely day!
  11. They are all in Instant Light, the book with Tarkovsky's polas. https://www.amazon.es/Instant-Tarkovsky-Polaroids-Giovanni-Chiaramonte/dp/0500286140 Or
  12. Obviously usable means different things for different people, I'd say that for most people 4000ASA would be ok and it doesn't really need to be denoised. However, I was shooting a passion project last Monday with the Venice and I tried using 10000ASA on daylight and the noise looked gorgeous!!!!
  13. Thanks so much John!!!! :) Many thanks Mark! I really liked the K35s! I had wanted to work with them years ago but never had the chance so I was pretty happy to use them. However, I just finished a shoot with the Venice AND the Supreme Primes.. and the way the Supremes fit the Venice is really wonderful. i don't want to shoot with an Alexa anymore haha. I realized that I was (and am) specially polite, too polite sometimes to ask for things to happen and also, because of that it was taking me a lot of time to communicate with people because they had to decode what I wanted. Now that I have started to be more straight (and blunt sometimes) people knows what i want straight away. Hi Mathew!! thanks for the compliment! That particular shot was shot at 6000ASA at T2. Matt (Colour grader) had applied a denoising filter but we didn't like the result when it was full on.. and I REALLY love noise! (I usually shoot with the Alexa at 3200 ASA) so we asked for it to be removed.. but at the end it stayed there.. at a 5% if I remember correctly. Have a lovely day!
  14. Earlier in June I was asked to shoot a 4 days commercial for UK director Matt Houghton. To say that I was scared and pretty nervous is a understatement because I was beyond that.. Matt, having worked with people like Rachel Morrison, Rina Yang and the likes was a very imposing figure for an upcoming cinematographer like me. Anyways, we went on to shoot this GAA commercial for Supervalu (an Irish food chainstore) which was all about roots, family, community, etc and along the way I discovered one of my flaws as a dop, which made me really happy. We shot on the Sony Venice with the Canon K35 and I just fell in love with this camera that Sony has created. The richness of the blacks and the tones is spectacular. The way I tried to light it was just by enhancing what was already on the locations, with a very minimal approach as we were travelling ALL AROUND Ireland for 4 days with minimal crew. Matt Branton from Windmill Lane in Ireland did the colour grading. He is really really good and the way he approached the grading was really honest and truthful to the material. I have to say that our director, Matt Houghton knows how to look into the soul of any given character to bring what makes him / her human, it was such a wonderful experience to be by his side on this project. Supervalu - GAA - Where You Are From I hope you like it! Have a lovely day!
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