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Hi everybody, I'm Kristof Bieganski from Music Bay. While we have already made good progress in the production of the film, a real headache can become finding a good musical background, between sites that offer poor quality music and those that are too expensive - what to do? So I would like to introduce you our platform specialized in royalty-free music for filmmakers - we are proud of the excellent quality of music productions and really nice prices.
Would you like to visit our website and share your impressions with us? It’s here: Music-Bay.net and our email: contact[at]music-bay.fr

Many filmmakers have already trusted us and they come back regularly! Tell us how YOU find this site, does it meet your needs; is it easy to explore...?
We have put in place several tools to facilitate exploration, so we think finding the right music for your video/film is easy - but what is your opinion?

The catalogue is vast and covers all musical domains: epic & cinematic, acoustic, electro, pop-rock, world music, RnB, as well as seasonal compositions - Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day…
Music-Bay.net is a platform based in Toulouse, South of France, which is aimed at users all over the world.

Ah, this: the catalogue includes only the compositions rigorously selected from the portfolios of the best composers of royalty-free music, themselves carefully selected. These musicians are references in this domain; and their music has been used all over the world by the most prestigious brands – be curious and listen to yourself:-)

Thank you in advance for your visit, we’re waiting your messages!:-)

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