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Litepanels Gemini - B&H special price issue

Jahsen Levy

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Good day film folks.

Recently B&H had a special where they advertised a sale on the new Litepanels Gemini 2x1 bicolor LED soft panel. This is Litepanels answer to the popular but expensive Arri Skypanel. You can check out the comparisons online and I decided it would be a good choice for a more affordable price. 

 I went for the US plug option which has a manufacturer product code 940-1301. B&H currently sells this item for $4,512.50. On their special which appears to have had ended, they sold the product for $3,194.85. Thats a huge savings. So I jumped on the chance and bought 2. I have my receipt and invoice from B&H and they both state that the product is 940-1301. I went to register the product and discovered that my lights were labeled by Litepanels as 940-1001. 

Has anyone else bought these lights from B&H under this special? Whats your product code?

Has anyone else bought this product at the full price? And if you have, whats your product code on the back of you light?

I ask because I have found that product code on other websites, namely eBay and at Texas Media Systems and on both sites they refer to the code 940-1001 as B-stock - refurbished. I have written Litepanels and expect an answer shortly about what that code means. I will update when I get that answer. 

Of course I also have to have words with B&H but I am doing my research first.

In the meantime I am very curious if anyone else has had this experience. 




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Litepanels has confirmed that all their lights have 940-1001 on the back but on their listings the number will differ depending on the plug. I am relieved to hear this and my confidence in B&H restored. I am a bit embarrassed that I was suspicious but happy with the final result. 

Very happy with my purchase with B&H for the price I was able to get. 


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