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  1. UPDATE: Litepanels has confirmed that all their lights have 940-1001 on the back but on their listings the number will differ depending on the plug. I am relieved to hear this and my confidence in B&H restored. I am a bit embarrassed that I was suspicious but happy with the final result. Very happy with my purchase with B&H for the price I was able to get. JAH
  2. Good day film folks. Recently B&H had a special where they advertised a sale on the new Litepanels Gemini 2x1 bicolor LED soft panel. This is Litepanels answer to the popular but expensive Arri Skypanel. You can check out the comparisons online and I decided it would be a good choice for a more affordable price. I went for the US plug option which has a manufacturer product code 940-1301. B&H currently sells this item for $4,512.50. On their special which appears to have had ended, they sold the product for $3,194.85. Thats a huge savings. So I jumped on the chance and boug
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